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The title is pretty self-explainitary, but we’ll explain it anyway. In this series we pose one question to two Washington, DC area bloggers to get their opinion on a particular issue in fashion. Our first dynamic duo of 2012 is Naseya from The Seventh District and Lara from The Glossarie.


What can a new blogger do to get their site noticed and read? In other words, what does it take to make a successful blog?



I know everyone in the blog world is tired of the phrase “content is king” so I won’t sell that dream. As a blogger and avid blog reader I’m drawn to sites that offer strong visuals. I love blogs that use photos to tell a story. When I created The Seventh District I did it as a personal project to share personal photos and reflections about DC life. I still consider myself a newbie but I think consistent and engaging content keeps people coming back to my blog. People are genuinely interested in my perspective that’s why they read my blog. With the popularity of fashion and style blogs it’s easy to get inspired from another bloggers’ idea as long as you don’t copy! Everyone has an opinion so I’d recommend bloggers to use their creative space to share their unique perspective.

Instead of obsessing over stats, comments, and clicks, just blog. If the blog is good people will read. In terms of a blog being “successful” that totally depends on the blogger. For me the best part about being a blogger is when I get an email, comment, or tweet saying something I posted was inspiring! If I encourage at least one person I feel as if my blog is successful.


This is such a good question! I’m definitely still learning, but here are some things that have worked for me:

  •  Knowing what makes your space on the web different from all the others is key – and I would even recommend stating it somewhere in your about section or in a tag line.
  • Blogging is a commitment. Regularly posting fresh content, whether it’s three times a week, or three times a day, will give your readers reasons to come back. Make sure to give yourself a break on occasion, though. When blogging starts to feel like work and a post isn’t coming together naturally, I give myself a day off.
  • Follow blogs and bloggers who inspire you and tap into their expertise at every opportunity. Commenting consistently and thoughtfully on blogs that you love is also great way to drive traffic to your site.
  • Collaborate with other bloggers when you can – link or tweet other posts that really impress you, offer to guest post, request to trade links in a blogroll. Sharing audiences and cross-promoting can take you miles in blog-land.
  • Strive for quality before quantity when it comes to your reader community. Engage your readers in conversation, take time to reply to tweets, comments and emails.
  • Participate in a little gracious self promotion. Use Twitter to promote your posts and make sure to mention or tag any relevant brands. Brands love to share posts from bloggers who feature their products with their communities of fans and followers. It’s a natural way to catch the attention of new readers.
  • And finally, when it comes to your blog, don’t be trendy – be authentic. People who like what you do will find you!


Naseya is the blogger behind the fashion and lifestyle blog The Seventh District. Naseya is a lover of life and all things creative. On the Seventh District she shares her current fashion, style, and beauty inspirations, original DC street style photos, and reflections about life in the DC.



Facebook: The Seventh District


With a master’s in business and a passion for all things pretty, Lara took a bold leap into the blogosphere in 2009. She is a fashion sales representative for the best handbag brand on the planet by day and a beauty-addict-slash-blogstress by night. The Glossarie showcases beauty products, recommendations and reviews from her beauty-obsessed brain with an emphasis on practical pretty that works.



Facebook: the glossarie.