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1 Question 2 Bloggers


20 Feb 1 Question 2 Bloggers

The title is pretty self-explainitary, but we’ll explain it anyway. In this series we pose one question to two Washington, DC area bloggers to get their opinion on a particular issue in fashion. We are excited to present SpicyCandyDC’s Carlis and Katya as our latest dynamic duo.


What do you say to people who think of fashion as a frivolous/superficial industry?



I would suggest for them to look past the surface of what society has labeled this industry to be.  I just came back from New York Fashion Week and met so many amazing, talented people in the industry. Fashion is not just clothes, it’s a way to express yourself as an individual — style comes from the inside and it isn’t something you can buy. I look up to people who take their time to demonstrate a little of who they are by putting an outfit together that represents their personality. We are all unique in our own way, fashion does not need to be loud or expensive to be present. I hope that in the future society can label fashion as more than just superficial or a world full of narcissism. Fashion is an art and an amazing way of self expression.



Everyone is entitled to their opinion about a certain industry (and there are positive and negative aspects in all industries), but I say that they probably don’t have a real appreciation or understanding for what the fashion industry actually represents.  There is a great quote that I love by my favorite writer, Mark Twain, that touches on the very essence of this subject — “Clothes make the man.  Naked people have little to no influence on society”.  As individuals, we embrace fashion and personal style to express ourselves every single day.  Whether you’re selecting something to wear to a first date, an interview, or any other occasion, you are partaking in this industry and it’s only frivolous if you make it so.  To me, fashion is the art of self expression, it’s your unique way to portray who you are and how you feel, and most importantly, it’s an industry that provides millions of jobs for the creative minds that range from photography, styling, design, writing, etc.  Personally, when I feel good in what I wear, I’m a more confident, strong, and powerful woman, and I’m glad that there are millions of people around the world who share and embrace my same views on this subject.














I’m Carla Sanchez aka Carlis, an office manager by day and one of the style bloggers behind SpicyCandyDC by night and weekends.  I’m the primary social networker of the blog and also a proud stylist who enjoys styling lookbooks, shoots, and myself of course.  I love food, especially sweets, as much as I love fashion, and I’m totally crazy about my dog Lola.  If you didn’t know by now, Katya is my best friend for over 17 years.  We both work really hard to bring our readers fresh, edgy, and inspiring content on our blog. Every post is something we are proud of and I hope our readers can tell that everything we do, we do it with love.













I’m Katya Ananieva, a project manager by trade and the second half of SpicyCandyDC. I am the primary writer and photographer of our blog and I also consider myself our cultural ambassador having lived the first half of my life in Europe and South America.  When I’m not blogging, styling, or photographing, you will find me brunching with my friends or fellow bloggers, taking my sweet little Bichon Mimi for a stroll in Old Town, Alexandria, looking for inspiration online, or working away on a business venture.





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