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Fashionable Reads


03 Apr Fashionable Reads

  • The Model Alliance has released status-driven analysis of the modeling industry. It’s certainly not as glamorous as you may think.  (via The Model Alliance)
  • Time Magazines lists their “All-TIME Top 100 Icons in Fashion, Style and Design.” Check to see if your favorite style icons made the list.
  • These UGGs actually look quite cute. Don’t judge us…it’s true. Check it out.  (via EKH-Capital Style)
  • Façon Magazine’s Spring 2012 issue is out!  (via Façon Magazine)
  • But, wait, there’s more! The SpicyCandyDC + South Moon Under Look-book is finally out! (via SpicyCandyDC)
  • Barbie will soon have a bald and beautiful new friend. (via Jezebel)
  • ReadysetDC gives us a sneak peak of this year’s Fashion District. (via ReadysetDC)