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1 Question 2 Bloggers


09 Apr 1 Question 2 Bloggers

The title is pretty self-explainitary, but we’ll explain it anyway. In this series we pose one question to two Washington, DC area bloggers to get their opinion on a particular issue in fashion. We are excited to have Grant Harris of Image Granted and Kendrick Jackson of InTheCapital (known together as The Selected Few) participate as our first male bloggers in this series.



The fashion industry is stereotyped as only catering to women. Do you have any advice catered to men who want to start careers in fashion? What are some resources you recommend for them to look at (websites, magazines, movies, etc)?



It’s true, women have cornered the market on modern day fashion. However, it wasn’t always this way. It wasn’t long ago that men were the peacocks who adorned themselves and women wear the serfs who dressed inconspicuously. Fashion over the years has evolved to pay homage to the female form and their propensity to shop and to fuel their need to look appropriate at all times. Today, although the menswear industry is still dwarfed by women’s, menswear is growing twice as fast as the women’s in jobs and revenue. We see this as an ample opportunity for men who are interested in the fashion industry to make their mark. For men to make their mark in fashion they first have to know what they want. Are they looking to be a designer, a buyer, a blogger, a consultant? All of them require different skills and points of entry. Knowing what you want is the first step in achieving it. Once, you’ve targeted your goal, the next step is to acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities to be successful. Some skills are naturally inherent. Others are not. If you can draw well it automatically helps in a design career. If you have a business mind it obviously helps in a starting your own consulting business.

Play up your strengths and find resources to hone your weak points. Pursuing these resources whether through internships, mentoring, shadowing, etc is very important. Finding someone who has been in your shoes longer and who has had both successes and failure are the best teachers. It does no good to seek out someone who has only been successful. While you’ll get the model of what it’s like to be on top, you’ll never know how to bounce back when you bottom out or how to start from the bottom before you even reach the top. Seek out well-rounded resources that have a varied but consistent history of improvement and success over time. The most important thing to remember is that menswear, fashion, and style changes much slower than women’s. Women’s styles change every season. Men’s styles change every 5-10 years.

Getting into the men’s fashion industry may not be the easiest thing to do, but don’t be discouraged. The industry is only going to grow and get stronger over time.


  • Permanent Style by Alan Flusser
  • Esquire’s Handbook of Style by Esquire
  • Gentlemen by Bernhard Roetzel
  • Esquire’s “Big Black Book” bi-annual magazine
  • A Tailored Suit Internship Program
  • ABC’s of Men Fashion by Hardy Amies
  • How to be a Man by Glenn O’Brien
  • Dress for Success by John T. Molloy
  • The Rake Magazine
  • Menswear Magazine
  • MRket Magazine
  • Monocle Magazine
  • Inventory Magazine
My advice would be to just go out and do it. I think people tend to be afraid of failure and don’t embrace it enough. It’s ok to fail as long as you learned from it. What I have noticed in this industry is that the ones who have continued to try and fail are the ones who are the most successful. Don’t be afraid to fail.
Surround yourself with like-minded people who can give your constructive criticism to helping you be better at what you do. Grow your tribe around you and build a strong brand in business and in your personal life. With a strong personal and professional brand you will attract other hard working people inside your circle. Growing slow at a steady pace allows you to make mistakes and fail without it being the end of the world. Your business will still be intact and you have a group of friends to help push you back on track.
Last is to have fun. Don’t make hats if you personally don’t wear hats. Do something that you love to do. The Selected Few is a Market Research, Events and Media firm. I love numbers, putting on and going to events. During the day I run business development for InTheCapital. It is so much fun talking to entrepreneurs and learning about all of the hard work they put into their company. So when I wake up in the morning, I can’t wait to get to work. Love what you are working on and it will get you through the hard times of failure.
  1. Embrace Failure as long as you learn from it and don’t make the same mistakes.
  2. Build a tribe of loyal friends and business partners by enhancing your personal and business brand.
  3. Be passionate about what you are doing and have fun.
These are more or less Forums. Every man has his own personal aesthetic. Some like the prep look, some like the Italian Cut. Regardless of your preference these websites should point you in the right direction to learn as much as possible about mens fashion. It will also allow you to have an open conversation with other enthusiast (nerds) of mens fashion.
  • Ask Andy ( ) -Andy literally wrote the bible on menswear.
  • Fedora Lounge ( – Great site to discuss heritage of brands. This forum is not just for lovers of mens fashion, but also the lifestyle. This is a great place to talk to individuals who have a deep knowledge of all things menswear and lifestyle.
  • Style Forum ( Style Forum was a forum designed to pick up where the GQ forum fell short. This is a forum for the modern man. These guys know the rules, know which ones to break and have the wardrobe to back up their claims.











Grant Harris, MBA is Owner & Chief Style Consultant at Image Granted, LLC a Washington, DC based Image Management company dedicated to solving the complex image, style & fashion issues of today’s professional man. Mr. Harris provides private & corporate wardrobe consultations, closet organization, personal shopping & other value-based services for men in need of practical & affordable style advice.


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I appreciate life and the endless pursuit of the aesthetic. I manage the branding for I am a man of and proud to be part of


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