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11 Apr Fashionable Reads

  • Ever wondered what men really think about your swimsuit? Yeah, as if women needed anymore pressure during swimsuit season. (via Marie Claire)
  • Still having trouble creating the perfect bold red lip? This beauty video tutorial should help. (via College Fashion)
  • Get excited! Madewell’s nationwide road trip is coming to DC. (via Cashmere & Tweed)
  • YouTube paid Hearst $10 million to launch YouTube TV shows. Well, it’s not $1 billion, but it’ll do. (via Fashionista)
  • So what happened to all those Project Runway winners? This rather long slideshow reveals all. (via My Lifetime)
  • Find out how some of Vogue’s editor stay in shape. (via Vogue)
  • Want to model for O Magazine? Here’s your chance. (via Oprah)
  • Rick Santorum exists the Presidential race which means no more sweater-vests…we hope. (via Huffingtonpost)



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