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Fashionable Reads


18 Apr Fashionable Reads

  • Now that “Texts from Hillary” is no longer being updated we look to “#WHENINDC” for comedic relief. (via #WHENINDC)
  • StyleLikeU hosts a roundtable on what it means to be “feminine” today. (via StyleLikeU)
  • Those after-work happy hours are more productive than you may think. New research shows that drinking alcohol can provide a boost of creativity. We’re still testing this one out… (via Washingtonian)
  • So, it’s come to this: John Edwards now gets his hair trimmed at Supercuts. Lightyears away from the $400 haircuts he used to get. (via The Cut)
  • Would you dare to wear….a red wedding gown? (via Fashionista)
  • Jeopardy will be filming in DC this Saturday. We can’t be the only ones who love to shout answers at the screen. We know Mr. Trebek hears us.(via WCP)
  • Speaking of DC, turns out it is NOT one of “America’s Hardest Working Cities.” (via Forbes)
  • Etsy has employed detectives to scour the site for factory-made goods that go against its handmade mission. (via WSJ)


Featured Image Credit: Fashionista