All Things Fashion DC | ATFDC Visits La Petite Marmoset’s New Showroom in Columbia Heights
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ATFDC Visits La Petite Marmoset’s New Showroom in Columbia Heights


14 May ATFDC Visits La Petite Marmoset’s New Showroom in Columbia Heights

After learning that one of our favorite local brands La Petite Marmoset was opening a showroom in Washington, DC we just knew we had to take a look. We sent our photographer Laura Zucker over for a visit and a rousing game of “Fab Five Fashion Faves.”



1. Favorite place to eat in DC

My favorite place to eat in DC would have to be Sticky Rice on H Street. Not only is the food great, but it also has a cool vibe.  If you go there at night they have music videos playing and it’s just different from any other places I’ve been in DC.

2. Favorite place to take a date

My favorite place to take a date would have to be the Kennedy Center. They have free shows at 6 PM pretty much every day so it’s a good thing to go to with a date. You can stop by a show and then grab drinks in Georgetown.

3. Favorite thing to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon

There aren’t many lazy Sundays because we’re always so busy, but when I do have a lazy Sunday, I like to set up a backyard picnic if the weather is nice.  I throw out some blankets, have some wine and cheese, and just kind of relax outside.

4. Favorite place to take visitors in DC

I’m a really bad DC tour guide, but I guess when visitors come I love to take them to the parts of DC they don’t think about when they think of DC. I love H Street, it’s a nice scene there.  Also Adams Morgan and cool places around there, instead of traditional places like the monuments and everything.

5. Favorite trend for Spring/Summer 2012

Well you can tell by the fact that my door is painted neon that I’m in love with neon and everything bright. Especially when it comes to vintage…a lot of things from the 80s were very bright and neon, so I’m excited to dig some of those things out. Also, florals and pastels.  I like having an excuse to look kind of girly and that’s such a huge trend.

On why she decided to open a showroom for LPM:

“For a long time people would ask “where is your store?”  We are an online store so I had people coming to my dad’s house out in the suburbs and people were willing to come out there and I was thinking how it’s far for people and we also didn’t have any space, I was working from my parent’s house.  We came to the point where we outgrew the space we were using, it was my room at my dad’s house, so we knew that we wanted to find a space that wasn’t necessarily a retail space, but a place where we could display all of our items, be very organized, and do all of our photoshoots, which is crucial for online and we need a lot of space to do that.  And just a place where people could come and see the items and have that personal experience.”


During the visit LPM’s Katherine Martinez recruited Laura to snap photos for what turned out to be a hilarious photo shoot.

 All photographs by Laura Zucker for ATFDC.