All Things Fashion DC | Bringing Back The Fitted Look for Guys
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Bringing Back The Fitted Look for Guys

Photo Credit: Forever21

23 May Bringing Back The Fitted Look for Guys

We are excited to introduce you to our newest Teen Contributor Monika! This is her first piece for ATFDC.

Teen Contributor Monika Bapna

Over the years I have noticed a general trend starting to creep into teenage (especially boys) wear: Bagginess. The trend seems to bask the in glory of the days when flattering body shape clothing was all but non-existent and seems to appreciate a look where the bigger/bulkier the clothes look, the better. Today I would like to encourage you all to take a step back and actually look at what the teenage boys of today are wearing and ask yourself, is a hockey/football jersey over a pair of gym shorts, pulled down so low that it reveals things that are unacceptable to public eye, really the ideal outfit?

Consider a more fitted approach to clothes. Fitted shirts/pants are not entirely a girl’s domain. In fact, many girls claim that sometimes men can pull off the skinny look better than girls. Here are some suggestions for a more fitted look for three different occasions.

#1. Going to a party

It is Friday night and you were just invited to the party that everyone is talking about. Resist the urge to pull your hat on backwards and put on that jacket that looks like it from an era that is better left as part of our history books.  Another problem is the lack of variety in a man’s closet. Yes, black and white are classics and have been (and will be) around forever, which can also be part of the problem. Trying colors other than those that everyone wears and finding one that fits you can add a whole another dimension to your closet. In this new generation where men are not afraid to show their nicely maintained body, don’t get left behind, and worse, don’t blend in with the rest of the black and white crowd. Try any of the multitudes of colored blazers that shops like H&M and Zara have to offer. My favorite one is this mint one from Zara’s:

Photo Credit: Zara

#2. Going to class

Comfort is a primary contender when it comes to choosing clothes for class. After all, a tight fitting shirt does not necessarily produce a better learning experience (even if it does get that cute girl in class to talk to you). But comfort does not mean you have to sacrifice the looking good aspect entirely. Rather than wearing the same shirt you wear to the gym, tan and laundry, go more for a shirt that is partly loose and partly fitted. For example, Zara’s Drape Neckline which features a loose neckline to allow the breathing room necessary for a lecture that seems longer than the ice age. The sheer quality of the shirt can also help with the Indian summer that DC has been boasting for the past couple of summers.

Photo Credit: Zara

#3. Going to work/business presentation

If you have a big presentation coming up or an important meeting clothes are probably the last thing on your mind. Don’t let that happen. Understand the importance of clothes for that extra boost of confidence for your special day; you never know what miracles that confidence can give your career. Nothing is more embarrassing than standing in front of a room full of people and accidently wearing one of your silly ties with kites all over. My alternative: Vests. Vests, nowadays, have started dominating the professional scene. Especially in a place like DC, where being out of a suit has almost become a crime worthy of punishment, a vest can add a certain charisma to your outfit that can distinguish you from any of your coworkers. Vests can even portray you as a daring and fashion forward individual, something that is hard to come by in a workplace. Forever21 has an amazing array of affordable vests for men and so does Zara. Don’t forget to apply the previous suggestions and mix and match patterns/colors to get that truly unique outfit.

Photo Credit: Forever21

Monika Bapna is a junior in high school and an absolute fashion junkie. Photography is her inspiration, fashion is her passion and writing is her love.