All Things Fashion DC | Guest Contributor-Ryan Charchian: Going from “Blogger” to “Professional Blogger” (Part 1)
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Guest Contributor-Ryan Charchian: Going from “Blogger” to “Professional Blogger” (Part 1)


06 Jun Guest Contributor-Ryan Charchian: Going from “Blogger” to “Professional Blogger” (Part 1)

by ATFDC Guest Contributor Ryan Charchian

This is part one of many posts I will write for All Things Fashion. My main goal is to share the knowledge I have accumulated over time about blogging. When I started my first blog and look back on it now, two words come to mind: it sucked. Blunt, right? Well, if I had known what I did now, I would have kept that blog.

What did I do to make it so bad? I was inconsistent with my blogging, had a cluttered site with a terrible layout, and had poor grammar. I sound like a great teacher! But, I firmly believe in learning from your past. I have taken those poor skills and revamped my site and myself. How does one start this process?


Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

  • Find out what you are good at blogging about.
  • Find out what you aren’t doing so well.
  • What do you have around you that will help you and your blog?
  • Is anything threatening your blogging?

Once you assess those points and give your blog a clear direction then you are ready for the next step.

Branding Your Blog

This part will be discussed in the next post. I will also discuss with you the accreditation process for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York.

Your challenge before the next post is to organize your site, your posting habits, and find one opportunity that will help spread your blog.

Keep in touch with me and Tweet me any questions: @ryancharchian

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Ryan Charchian has had a passion for fashion since he was in middle school. His first endeavor led to his drive to start his own resource of fashion for teenagers. Now, Ryan is the Executive Editor for, a fashion news site for teenagers and young professionals. In addition, Ryan is a #NYFW Editor on Tumblr with his blog

Featured Photo Credit: Shutterbloom