All Things Fashion DC | Worn Magazine Returns, Fashiontonians Rejoice
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Worn Magazine Returns, Fashiontonians Rejoice


06 Jun Worn Magazine Returns, Fashiontonians Rejoice

Fashiontonians have been buzzing about the return of Worn Magazine, one our city’s most beloved independent magazines. The publication folded last year to allow editor-in-chief Nicole Aguirre to travel abroad. After almost a full year away from us both Nicole and Worn Magazine have returned to live out the American Dream. Needless, to say all of us at All Things Fashion DC are happy to welcome back Worn Magazine.

Worn Magazine will return this fall in print and online with their fourth issue. Fashiontonians can expect beautiful new photos as well as a blog covering the latest in local fashion. It goes without saying that there will also be a launch party. Hopefully, cupcakes and champagne will be involved. It’s the DC way.

In addition to the publication’s return Nicole and her crew will be launching, an e-commerce website that will allow users to shop global street style trends. Dandies and Quaintrelles’ founder Eric Brewer will join the team as the’s new co-founder and Men’s Creative Director.


Nicole Aguirre Announces the Return of Worn Magazine from Nicole Aguirre on Vimeo.