All Things Fashion DC | Event Recap: FFP Dress Responsibly Forum
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Event Recap: FFP Dress Responsibly Forum


11 Jun Event Recap: FFP Dress Responsibly Forum

by ATFDC Contributor Beth Beru

On a Friday night at the Artisphere Dome Theater, Fashion Fights Poverty held what they hope to become the first of many panel discussions. This discussion focused on dressing responsibly and the eco and ethical roles in today’s fashion industry.

The discussion was kicked off with the Detroit Lives! documentary “AftertheFactory.”  The documentary highlighted the culture and thoughts of those living in Detroit, Michigan and Lodz, Poland.  Showcasing both cities as they transitioned from the industrial age up until now was fascinating. To see two cities, thousands of miles apart face the same economic struggles following the collapse of the industrial industry is fascinating. Further documenting the personal trials of people in both cities and their optimism in the potential for growth was inspiring. Director Phillip Lauri did a great job captivating the feelings of people in the documentary.

Following the screening, Katherine Limon of My Signature Look,  lead the discussion with Director Phillip Lauri, Founder of Empowering Women International Marga Fripp and Bianca Alexander of Conscious Living TV.

The panelists discussed sustainability and social responsibility. Marga Fripp discussed her work of preparing women on success. She stressed the importance of ” embracing the gifts you have in this moment.” And is committed to helping disadvantaged women identify their talents and goals and work to successfully achieve them. Bianca Alexander contributed to the importance of sustainability by saying it is important ” to be true to yourself.” Discussing her personal growth from transitioning from a Hollywood lawyer to being more Eco-friendly and embracing a life she wanted rather than a life she felt she had to live. She encouraged the audience to practice meditation and “not waiting for a third part validation before you give it yourself.” These ideals that the panelists reinforced were similar to the optimism and growth those in the documentary showcased.

Upon conclusion of the discussion FFP hosted a small reception where I had the opportunity to speak with photographer Kia Renee who found the panel discussion to be informative. She went on to say ” it is important to discuss sustainability and how fashion can be more Eco-friendly.”

Walking into the discussion I did not know what to expect. I was excited to hear the opinions of prominent panelists who offered great feedback on the documentary and its’ relevance of it in the fashion industry. I look forward to the next panel discussion FFP plans to host.


All images by Ana Spevak for All Things Fashion DC.