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02 Jul Fashionable Reads

  • Inspiration Alert! Street style menswear edition from Mens Fashion Week in Paris (Vogue Paris)
  • Data gathered by online site shows there’s been dramatic rise in global searches for vintage. Credits tv shows like UK Drama “Downtown Abbey.”(The Hollywood Reporter)
  • We might be in a global economic slump but it seems the Fashion industry has moved on is trending for hard luxury (Hepburn Loves Givenchy)
  • Art & Fashion are beautiful compliments to one another. See Meg Biram’s fashion interpretation of Kerri Rosenthal’s “Golden Party” (Mimi + Me)
  • The fashion world can’t help but get in on the Magic Mike craze. Meet Fashion’s “Magic Mikes” (Fashionista)
  • pays tribute to Olympic host city London (WhoWhatWear)


Photo courtesy of Vogue Paris

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