All Things Fashion DC | OP-ED: Tattoo Restrictions?! It’s 2012!
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OP-ED: Tattoo Restrictions?! It’s 2012!

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06 Jul OP-ED: Tattoo Restrictions?! It’s 2012!

by ATFDC Contributor Beth Beru

Are visible tattoos in the office still unwelcome in the working world as much as they were 10 to 20 years ago? As a 25 year old I would like to think tattoos are more accepted today seeing as though the tattoo trend has picked up in the last two decades.  Between the music industry and professional athletes, you would be the odd man out to not bear at least one tattoo. I’m accustom to seeing a co-worker with a sleeve or ankle tattoo and thinking nothing of it. However not everyone has these same sentiments. Recently in Osaka, Japan the newly elected Mayor Toru Hashimoto has heightened the restriction on visible tattoos with city employees. The investigation was enforced following a survey which revealed a welfare worker ” intimidated” a group of children because of their large tattoo.

I think the restrictions of tattoos enforced in Osaka was a bit dramatic and irrational. Not all tattoos are harmful or inappropriate. Several people have timeless artwork and personal memories permanently inked on their bodies. I think tattoos should be judged on a case by case basis rather than clumped together with a negative stereotype. In addition, tattoos should be more embraced in corporate American not only within independent businesses. As long as the tattoo was tastefully done and does not ooze of tackiness I don’t see the problem. People wear their tattoos like accessories. They should be viewed as a complimenting element to a person’s individuality.

Maybe it’s me but I’m all about individual creativity and self-expression. No one person should be judged or dismissed because of their tattoos. Fashion is an opportunity to express yourself. Whether it’s your clothing, shoes, accessories, hair or tattoos they all help makeup your fashion sense. Limiting one’s fashion…now that should be against the law.

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