All Things Fashion DC | Fashion Talk: WPGC 95.5’s Sunni And The City
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Fashion Talk: WPGC 95.5’s Sunni And The City

Sunni 5

10 Jul Fashion Talk: WPGC 95.5’s Sunni And The City

We kick off our new All Things Fashion DC feature section “Fashion Talk” with WPGC 95.5’s very own Sunni And The City!

by ATFDC Contributor Barbara Collins

The National’s Capital has been getting pretty hot over the past couple of days, with the temperatures reaching the triple digits. These scorching summer days can make selecting an outfit for lunch or work very difficult when wanting to be fashionable, yet comfortable while enduring this hot heat. However, if you are in need of a little inspiration, WPGC 95.5’s very own Sunni And The City has got you covered! This DC diva has shared her top five summer must-haves that every woman could use in their closet!

Read on to learn more about the beautiful radio host in her exclusive All Things Fashion DC interview.

Sunni’s Top Five Summer Must-Haves

  1. Perfect Maxi Dress
  2. At least one super cute flattering one-piece bathing suit (perfect for those pool parties when you’re not there to swim (laughs)
  3. Bare minerals bronzer (it’s perfect for summer days where you can’t/shouldn’t wear too much make up)
  4. Wedges (Women love heels but let’s admit, stilettos are not very practical for every day during the summer)
  5. A pair of cut-off jean shorts! It’s very IN this summer.

Gracing the mic every morning at WPGC 95.5 is Bosnian sweetheart, Sunni And The City. Born and raised in Bosnia, a country in Eastern Europe, Sunni and her family made their way to the United States after living in three refugee camps back in 1997. Formerly, Sunni was adorning the airways on Power 96 in Miami, FM 98 WJLB, and Channel 95.5 in Detroit.

Over time, she became the youngest female radio host in Detroit, and the only woman from Bosnia to ever have a radio show on a metropolitan radio station. Not only is she making a mark in DC by being a radio host, but she is also the arena host for the WNBA Mystics. Her show is highly anticipated and her fans are always looking forward to hear her show! Want to know more about this Bosnian beauty? Ready, Set, Read Away!

All Things Fashion DC (ATFDC): At what age did you realize you wanted a career in radio?

Sunni: Soon after I started my internship at a radio station in Detroit, when I was 18 years old, I decided then that I wanted to be on-air rather than behind the scenes.

ATFDC: How was it like living in Bosnia? Can you explain the refugee camp that you and your family were in?

Sunni: We lived in 3 different camps before we came to the U.S. It was tough but we were together. Just because we didn’t have our homes anymore or we had to wait for our food/water in long lines every day, we were just happy that we weren’t in the line of fire. I think that going through those experiences has made me the person that I am today.

ATFDC: Moving from Eastern Europe to United States was a big transition. How did you handle it?

Sunni: It was a huge culture shock to me. But being place in 7th grade and having to find my own way, I adapted quickly. Plus, coming to the U.S was a blessing and a changing moment in my life. I’m just grateful.

ATFDC: Do you have plans to go back to visit?

Sunni: I haven’t been back since I’ve moved to the U.S but I’m definitely going back next year (2013) with my parents; really looking forward to it.

ATFDC: Is it true that you taught yourself how to speak English in six months?  If so, how did you go about doing this?

Sunni: I did. The summer of ’97 after 7th grade, my siblings and I stayed in the house for the entire summer, watching TV, eating, and just trying to figure out what the American culture was all about. By watching TV and our little dictionary, we all picked up English very quickly. By the time I started 8th grade, I was good to go; finally able to communicate with my peers.

ATFDC: So since this is All Things Fashion DC, I must ask you ask where some of your favorite places to shop in DC are.

Sunni: I shop EVERYWHERE! I’m not big on designers/labels. I don’t believe that you need to have money in order to have style and be fashionable. I love Georgetown, you can find a lot of cute stuff in those little vintage shops on M St. but I’ll also hit up a Marshalls/Loehmans in Rockville. I can always find cute stuff there.

ATFDC: Who are some of your favorite fashion designers/brands?

Sunni: I love these Calvin Klein dresses, I call them my “Michelle Obama” dresses. They’re perfect!

ATFDC: What are your favorite trends for the summer season?

Sunni: This summer, I’m LOVING the cut-off jean shorts! I went to a thrift store and bought a few pair of men’s jeans in a size larger than what I wear, and cut them all up! (Laughs) I made a few shorts without worrying if I was going to ruin them or not.

ATFDC: What is your favorite thing about your job?

Sunni: Connecting with people. I’m naturally a “people person” so having a job where I get to interact with “The City” is amazing. Plus, it’s the things I love combined in one; music, people, parties, charities, etc.

photo courtesy of umdjour203

ATFDC: What keeps you grounded?

Sunni: I’m just a simple regular girl with a really really cool job. I don’t take anything for granted and I don’t think of myself as being better than anyone else. I’m truly enjoying every minute of my career.

ATFDC: Not only are you a radio host, you’re very involved in the community and support a lot of charity events.  What is it like hosting these events and why is it so important to you?

Sunni: I enjoy hosting charity events more than hosting a party/concert because to me, those are the events that matter, that make a difference in the world. I talk about celebrities all day, if I didn’t do any charity work, I would go crazy. Celebrities/Gossip/etc. is fun and entertaining but it doesn’t make an impact on someone’s life. It’s not “helping” the community. That’s why I do it, to keep sane and because it’s near and dear to MY heart. Plus, coming where I came from, I understand what it’s like to not have, to not be able to, to want…. so whatever I can do to give back to my community, I’ll do it.

ATFDC: How do feel you’ve made an impact while working with these organizations?

Sunni: Any small impact that I have, I’m happy. Just raising awareness, or brining more donations, etc… I always try to rally the entire city behind my project. I have a platform and a voice, it’s important for me to use it.

ATFDC: You radio show is broadcasted all over the DMV with so many followers who absolutely love you and look to you as the ultimate ambassador for the entertainment scene in DC. How does this success feel?

Sunni: I feel honored and blessed beyond belief. I don’t ever take it for granted. Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love the DMV, I feel very at home here. So to be able to do what I love, in a place where I feel most comfortable, is truly a dream come true.

ATFDC: What is your ultimate goal for your show?

Sunni: My show is very music driven and we’re going to keep it that way. People that work 9-5 especially love it because it helps them get through their day faster. So more music, more fun entertainment news, prizes, interviews, etc… I want my show to be your daily destination for all things “entertainment”

ATFDC: What is your biggest achievement to date?

Sunni: I use to be very self-conscious and afraid of speaking in public because I use to have an accent.  I think overcoming that has been one of my biggest personal achievements, because it has opened so many doors for me now and allowed me to reach so many people. I’m not afraid to talk to people and tell my story.

ATFDC: What’s next for Sunni and the City? Any upcoming projects?

Sunni: I do a lot already, working with CW 50 and the WNBA, but it’s never enough for me. I’m going to do more TV things and more charity work. Eventually I’ll create my own events company and a charity foundation. I’m blessed to be in a position where I have access to a lot of great connects and I’m going to take advantage of this opportunity to create some really amazing things for the future.

Tune in to hear Sunni And The City, Monday-Saturday 10 A.M. to 2-P.M. on WPGC 95.5!


Barbara is a sophomore at Old Dominion University, majoring in International Studies with a minor in Fashion Merchandising. She also writes for CocoKouture Magazine and would love to pursue a career in the fashion industry as a writer for a top fashion magazine.