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All Things Fashion DC | April 20, 2014

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OP-ED: Taxing the Joy of Online Shopping…Really?!

OP-ED: Taxing the Joy of Online Shopping…Really?!

By ATFDC Contributor Beth Beru

Nothing makes me happier than waking up on a Saturday morning, pouring myself a cup of coffee, turning on my lab top and browsing online for clothes, shoes and home essentials.Pure bliss. The appeal of online shopping comes from its convenience. To browse and buy all in the comfort of your own home makes it apparent that those days of walking aimlessly in the mall are numbered. However, it seems like something is trying to take away these joyful moments of shopping bliss.

According to ABC News, ” Republicans in Congress have joined Democrats to support a bill that would give states authority to force Amazon, eBay, and other online companies to collect sales taxes. ” This online tax would charge shoppers at least 5 percent more on their purchase. All of this to ” ease budget strains” according to The Wall Street Journal. All these taxes are ridiculous! You would think the government would ease up on imposing these taxes considering we are still in a recession and be grateful people are still shopping in general. Imposing another tax only fosters the negative sentiments many Americans feel today: the government is only after our money, the little bit we do have left. While I recognize our financial tribulations at the moment, I can’t help but feel like someone wants to steal the joy I have found with online shopping. Being able to buy what you want without a sales associate trying to convince you that you need to buy the patent leather spray for your new black pumps makes online shopping worth it. And now they want to throw a tax on my shopping bill to make money off my joy? Sigh.

While I know the federal government won’t take heed to my opinions, I must voice my frustrations and for those who are avid online shoppers.  I guess my hope is for the millions of other consumers who love online shopping to rally together to fight this tax. One can wish right?

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“Be awesome in anything and everything you do.” This is the motto that inspires the writing and style of Bethlehem Beru. A native of Maryland, Bethlehem was born and raised in Silver Spring and made her way to Philadelphia, PA where she studied at Temple University for her undergraduate studies.As a writer for All Things Fashion, Bethlehem will be on the hunt for the city’s secret treasures.


  1. I agree, I think this Internet sales tax bill is the worst. Not only for us shoppers, but individuals who want to sell things on eBay or Craigslist! Each seller would have to go through finding the buyer’s tax district and make sure they were charged the right amount. It’s really absurd, but it seems like it’s going to pass… what a shame!

    • You’re absolutely right! This tax might discourage people from buying and selling. It would be so tedious and time consuming. Plus the benefit of online shopping is eliminating the middle man and buying what you want, when you want it and sometimes for cheaper. We should have known it was good to be true and the feds would eventually take advantage of it. Just gotta enjoy it while it lasts.

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