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Golden Triangle BID Retail Marketing & Recruiting Program

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18 Jul Golden Triangle BID Retail Marketing & Recruiting Program

Here at All Things Fashion DC, we are constantly on the look out for programs, events, initiatives, jobs, news etc that educates, impacts, and/or increases the visibility the local DC fashion industry. So when we recently learned of the Golden Triangle Business Improvement District’s Retail Marketing & Recruiting Program (one of a select few BIDs nationwide that carries the program), we had to share with you!

According to the Golden Triangle Business Improvement District, Golden Triangle “is where Washington’s powerful private sector workforce comes to succeed and where the privileged come to find luxury and leisure.” The Golden Triangle, a 43-block neighborhood, is home to law firms, restaurants, hotels, retailers, etc. It consists of 30 apparel retailers from luxury to mass market: Brooks Brothers, Burberry, Thomas Pink, Betsy Fisher, and more.

The Golden Triangle BID Retail program targets upscale retailers who are looking to open a store in the Golden Triangle. The program is designed to help you find the perfect location specific to your retail accommodations and needs. A retail recruiter will be your guide and  work with you to find a suitable space for your retail establishment. The BID has no financial stake in assisting you so your interests are the priority.

Andi Joseph, Retail Marketing Manager of Golden Triangle Business Improvement District gives us further insight into the program.

All Things Fashion DC (ATFDC): When did the program begin / how long has it been in commission?

Andi Joseph (AJ): Making the downtown a destination and connecting Dupont Circle to the White House by offering DC’s residents, visitors and workers a well landscaped, well merchandized, clean and safe neighborhood is an overarching goal for the Golden Triangle Business Improvement District (BID).  Several place-making initiatives were created to achieve this goal such as the Connecticut Avenue median project, the light art installations, and the development of the BID’s retail program, which began in May of 2011.  In the past year, the BID commissioned a study to assess the area’s retail, and from that research an action plan was created. I was hired in April [of 2012]to implement the plan and move the retail program forward.

ATFDC: What would you describe as the most significant benefit of the program?

AJ: This program is going to create a clustering of unique retailers in the Golden Triangle: fashion boutiques, chef driven restaurants, and well merchandised accessory and home goods stores.  You’ll come to the Golden Triangle for more quality shopping and dining options.  The results will make DC an even more exciting place to live, work and visit while strengthening the city’s overall retail offerings.

ATFDC: What would you recommend retailers do / have in place in order to be considered? ie What is the qualification process?

AJ: The focus of the retail program is to bring in more one-of-a-kind, upscale men’s and women’s apparel, accessories, shoes, home goods stores and chef driven restaurants, as the research found that these types of retail that currently exist in the BID are our best performers.  Retailers can contact me directly [] for more information if they are interested in having a presence here in the Golden Triangle.

ATFDC: What are the biggest myths about the program that you would like to dispel?

AJ: The Golden Triangle is more than just a business district.  We’re surrounded by the Dupont and West End residential neighborhoods, and tourists flock to our hotels.  Retailers and restaurateurs realize how busy this part of town is during the day, but it’s also busy in the evenings and on the weekends too.  In fact, for some of our retailers, Saturday is their best day.  And the successes of our program will only help to increase the amount of activity you see here in the Golden Triangle.

Spread the word to retailers seeking space in DC! It can be such a hurdle to look for a retail space so this initiative puts you a few steps ahead of the game.

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