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30 Jul Fashionable Reads

All eyes are on London, from gravity-defying athletic stunts to the rock hard physiques and the outfits that clothe them. If you’re tired of reading about Michael Phelps, here are interesting articles about something you probably understand a little better than gymnastics scoring: Olympic fashion.

See the Opening Ceremonies through Stella McCartney’s eyes and lens. (Vogue)

Not only is Ryan Lochte a drool-worthy gold medalist, he’s also got noteworthy swimming style. Check out his best Olympic looks. (Daily Beast)

The competition is heating up in both sport and fashion. Read up on some of London’s best-dressed athletes. (Forbes)

Olympic wear is getting more attention than ever. Should female boxers wear skirts? Should beach volleyball players swap their bikini tops for long sleeves? (Public Radio International)

Who are you wearing? If you loved playing fashion police during Friday’s Ceremonies, here’s the backstory on the most talked-about ensembles. (Examiner)

Michelle Obama is attending the Games in style. Check out her athletic, USA-inspired fashion choices. (Daily Mail)

The good, the bad and the ugly of the Olympic games. But mostly the bad and the ugly (you’re welcome). (Hot Air)

Who knew fashion could be so scientific? A breakdown on the logistics competition clothes. (Fox)



photo courtesy of Hot Air