All Things Fashion DC | Guest Contributor – Ryan Charchian: Going From “Blogger” To “Professional Blogger” (Part 2)
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Guest Contributor – Ryan Charchian: Going From “Blogger” To “Professional Blogger” (Part 2)


30 Jul Guest Contributor – Ryan Charchian: Going From “Blogger” To “Professional Blogger” (Part 2)

by ATFDC Guest Contributor Ryan Charchian

By now, your blog is organized and you have great posting habits. You may be posting a lot, but is the quality of those posts up to par?

Let’s say you covered an event.

  1. Identify the hosts and ask for a quick interview. Record it for your YouTube Channel or write up a Q&A.
  2. Talk about the sponsors of the event and what they did or contributed.
  3. Make sure the post is published in a timely manner. The sooner the better, but make sure it isn’t just throw together.

Every fashion blog, depending on your purpose, should have a nice mixture of personal posts and news-like posts. This way, you keep your viewers informed about you and relevant fashion stories.

Resources I use for just that include and (subscription required. They have student discounts available). Obviously there are more but these are just two that I use.

I have two different and distinct blogs so I don’t overlap on coverage and content. Cashmere & Tweed  is a news website and just reports on fashion industry happenings and show reviews. Fashionisto Diaries is for my style posts and to post editorials from magazines. Making sure you have a clear vision is a must.

Your next challenge is produce quality posts each week and to make sure you have your vision. My next and final part will be about becoming accredited for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.


Ryan Charchian has had a passion for fashion since he was in middle school. His first endeavor led to his drive to start his own resource of fashion for teenagers. Now, Ryan is the Executive Editor for, a fashion news site for teenagers and young professionals. In addition, Ryan is a #NYFW Editor on Tumblr with his blog