All Things Fashion DC | Op-Ed: We Love a Good Collab! Two Designers, One Collection…Maybe
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Op-Ed: We Love a Good Collab! Two Designers, One Collection…Maybe


30 Jul Op-Ed: We Love a Good Collab! Two Designers, One Collection…Maybe

by ATFDC Contributor Beth Beru

What would happen if two of D.C.’s most promising fashion designers came together to create one collection? Pure magic would happen. Or at least that’s what I think.

There is undeniable talent here in our Nation’s capital and it’s high-time our designers got some shine. Two of my favs are Bishme Cromartie and Taimur Baig. Both designers have distinct styles, influenced by the artistic creativity from architectural designs. Both designers share the ideal of promoting the femininity of a women through fashion. Offering an array of pieces where a women can be bold and classy,sophisticated and sexy and always a trendsetter. In addition, they are both male designers. I’ve always loved the idea of two men dressing women. Their pieces seem to always cater to a women’s body perfectly. Now here come’s the fun part: creating a collection together.

Now some may think this is crazy but like Ne-yo said ” I’m cool all by myself, but I’m a force when we’re together.” It is undeniable that team work makes the dream work. And yes I quoted Ne-yo. It wouldn’t be easy merging ideas and being able to keeps one’s creative mind in check, but if these two promising designers put together their ideas the results could be astounding. I envision fitted dresses with high shoulders and a detailed stitching pattern down the center. Available in a vibrant blue for the show stopper and a matted gray for the woman who wants to be more subtle. This potential collection would  allow a womann to be eclectic when she’s at work or out on the town without having to compromise her love of fashion.

And who doesn’t love a good collab. I’d love to see two talents join forces and if they are designers from the D.C. area it.s even better! So I formally submit my proposal that Baig and Cromartie  link up for a future collection. Cromartie & Baig for 2013? Sounds like a great idea to me!


Photos courtesy of & OhMyGoff.Tv