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Internship Opportunties: Landry Imagery, Inc


03 Aug Internship Opportunties: Landry Imagery, Inc

Landry Imagery, Inc,  an apparel consulting and photography firm located in Washington, DC is seeking interns for the following positions:
Apparel Consulting Intern
The position of Apparel Consulting Intern is supervised by the Lead Stylist/Apparel Consultant within the Apparel Consulting division of Landry Imagery, Inc . As the Apparel Consulting Intern you will be responsible for a range of duties as required by the Lead Apparel Consultant so as the increase the efficiency of operations within the Landry Imagery Apparel Consulting Division. These functions include:

  • Gathering information from established and potential clients prior to consultation appointments.
  • Assisting with initial client consultations and attending styling appointments to assist the Lead Apparel Consultant with various tasks.
  • Managing calendar and schedule of Lead Apparel Consultant to ensure that all existing deadlines and appointments are upheld; scheduling new client appointments.
  • Assisting the Lead Apparel Consultant with daily Landry Imagery blog updates; researching and obtaining new blog material to be incorporated in daily posts.
  • Establishing rapport with and responding to inquiries from ¬†individual and corporate clients.

Production Intern
The position of Production Intern is supervised by the Landry Imagery Production Coordinator. As the Production Intern you will be instrumental in all aspects of videography content and production for Landry Imagery events and photo shoots. You will assist the Production Coordinator in capturing and producing company-related video footage as well as completing other productions tasks as required. These tasks include:

  • Attending company events for the purpose of capturing multimedia footage of guests and board members for use in company promotions and outreach materials.
  • Assisting the Production Coordinator in compiling and editing video footage for use by Landry Imagery, Inc. and it’s subsidiaries.
  • Conducting on-camera interviews of company affiliates and other persons as required.
  • Accompanying the Production Coordinator to individual and corporate client events to assist with videography as needed.

Social Media & Marketing Intern
The position of Social Media & Marketing Intern is supervised by the Marketing Lead and provides hands-on support in the roles and duties of the Social Media Manager. As a Social Media & Marketing Intern you will be responsible for promoting Landry Imagery company events and performing other duties as required. These duties include:

  • Assisting in the management of Landry Imagery social media accounts.
  • Conducting outreach to potential clients and affiliates via social media outlets.
  • Helping to develop Landry Imagery brand awareness.
  • Contributing to the generation of inbound traffic.
  • Collaborating with other Landry Imagery team members to develop and cultivate the presence of the Landry Imagery brand in all aspects of social media.
To apply for any of these positions, send resume and cover letter to Jasmine A. Reed –¬†
The deadline for application to all positions is August 15th.