All Things Fashion DC | To Tumblr Or Not To Tumblr? Why Tumblr May Be Way To Go For Bloggers – Guest Contributor Ryan Charchian
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To Tumblr Or Not To Tumblr? Why Tumblr May Be Way To Go For Bloggers – Guest Contributor Ryan Charchian

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09 Aug To Tumblr Or Not To Tumblr? Why Tumblr May Be Way To Go For Bloggers – Guest Contributor Ryan Charchian

editor’s note: All Things Fashion DC is not endorsing Tumblr or any other blog platform. This is simply one contributor’s perspective.

by ATFDC Guest Contributor Ryan Charchian

Blogger, TypePad, and WordPress are all blogging platforms that are loved by bloggers all around the globe. In addition to a blog, bloggers have utilized all aspects of social media: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Tumblr. But is Tumblr social media or a platform? Tumblr, considered a micro-blogging site, shouldn’t be considered micro-anything when it is the 19th most popular website in the US according to Quantcast. Many bloggers have taken to making Tumblr their platform and run very influential blogs off of them, but does this diminish their credibility? Let’s investigate.

Blogging on Blogger, TypePad, or WordPress can be very easy to some, confusing to others. The same can be said about Tumblr. On those above, you can drag and drop widgets, changes widths, heights, practically anything. Thought you can’t change the locations that easy on Tumblr, you can still customize them so you are different than anyone else using your theme. Much like WordPress, your Tumblr theme is how visitors see your blog. My theme is Atlantic Noir by Style Hatch Co. Many persons have this theme but have customized it so we are all different. For some users, they may enjoy WooThemes that provides premium themes for WordPress users. They are customizable and around the same price as Style Hatch.

Now, a blog is nothing if no one visits it. Blogger, TypePad, and WordPress users can add tags to their posts for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and then publish to all social networks. You may have written the next Pulitzer piece but it may not get the attention it deserves if it isn’t properly promoted. Tumblr allows you to tag your posts and then they are seen by Tag Editors. If your piece is of great quality, they can choose to promote it to everyone following that Tag.

As you can tell by now, I am for Tumblr. Actually, I currently use a WordPress blog until my custom Tumblr is complete and I can switch my fashion news blog Cashmere & Tweed over. I will have my domain redirect to the Tumblr. But why did I change? Because Tumblr is a community of creators and they love their users. Now, you may be thinking, “oh, they love you, but have you ever met anyone that works there?” And the answer is yes. Actually, Tumblr loves their users so much they have community outreach personnel, will send you free stickers if you paid for postage, and they even have a Fashion Evangelist who manages the Fashion Tag Editors and fashion content on Tumblr. I sent him an email and was able to go up the Tumblr HQ in New York City and sit down with him. His main advice: tag your content proper and you will get noticed on Tumblr!

Last, here is how a tagging process occurs:

First, a Tumblr user writes a post and adds a tag.

Second, the post gets recognized. (As I was writing this article a post was just tagged and I followed it for about a half an hour). The blue “FASHION” means it has been tagged.

Check out and the post is there (“ed. note” won’t be there at time of publishing):

In the end, this post got about thirty “notes”, which are interactions from Tumblr users. Now, some fashion posts could go even further, check out his one:

Over two hundred notes! And now, this is when something “explodes” on Tumblr and goes viral:

This is why I think Tumblr may be better for some. A broader audience can see your content quicker. Some sites, such as Fashionista, will forever be on WordPress because they have a lot more going on: slideshows, interactive ads, etc. Some custom Tumblrs, for example, is a custom Tumblr, offers ads, and is actually about to become a national distributed magazine.

Let me make it clear: I don’t work for Tumblr, but believe they have created something excellent for fashion community. While you ponder on what I’ve presented, feel free to follow my personal blog and Cashmere & Tweed on tumblr!




Ryan Charchian has had a passion for fashion since he was in middle school. His first endeavor led to his drive to start his own resource of fashion for teenagers. Now, Ryan is the Executive Editor for, a fashion news site for teenagers and young professionals. In addition, Ryan is a #NYFW Editor on Tumblr with his blog