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Fashionable Reads

Gaga Vogue Sept 2012

10 Aug Fashionable Reads

  • When you think of work apparel, you may think pencil skirts and clean-cut blazers, but the Brightest Young Things staff isn’t afraid to have some fun! Take a peek at some of their typical outfits. (Washingtonian)
  • Ann Curry getting fired from NBC just because of the way she was dressing? Check out some of the outfits she wore On-Air and we are going to let you Fashiontonians be the judge! (Huffington Post
  • Look who is spotted! The “fearless chick” Kelis, portrays her sense of style by the way she feels and truly dresses how she wants! All eyes on this fierce style icon. (Stylish Thought)
  • Gaga is on the spotlight, not because of some jaw-dropping, peculiar outfit but because she is featured on the front cover of September’s issue of Vogue! Now check out the lady in pink! (Racked)
  • When we think of J Brand, a pair of jeans pops up into our heads, but little did we know how high fashion the brand has emerged to be! Their fall 2012 campaign has proved that it’s not just jeans! (Refinery 29)

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