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Life As A Fashion PR Girl in DC: The Great Summer Extravaganza – Guest Contributor Ashley Arias

Ashley Arias with Toledos

13 Aug Life As A Fashion PR Girl in DC: The Great Summer Extravaganza – Guest Contributor Ashley Arias

by ATFDC Guest Contributor Ashley Arias

Summer vacation… Not for this gal! What is usually a more relaxing season has been one of the busiest. I like to call it THE GREAT SUMMER EXTRAVAGAZA! From spending a June afternoon with a Canadian Indian, to pulling clothes for the most stylish people in DC, and even wrangling in a dragon or two, I can say it has been an adventure to remember.  Here are few highlights from this season.

I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon listening to the beautiful voice of Christian Laveau as he sung for press during the Cirque TOTEM performers’ preview.  His voice was so soothing. I am not sure if it was because he sung in his native language, or just because his voice was perfect but I was mesmerized!

Christian Laveau/Cirque TOTEM

I have to say I was intimidated when my boss asked me to pull clothes for Tyson’s Galleria All Access: Fashion Host Committee. I mean the group is made up of fashion bloggers, stylists, top media, and power people from the area. Don’t get me wrong, styling and pulling outfits is probably one of my favorite things to do, but I was scared. What if I got the wrong size, what if they weren’t comfortable in an outfit, all of these what if’s!  I had to stop doubting myself,” I’m a great shopper, I love fashion, I can do this!”  In the end everyone was happy and confident in what they were wearing.

Behind-the-Scenes AAF Host Committee Shoot

Toothless the dragon came to life in How to Train Your Dragon Live! This little guy (figuratively speaking) was so technically advanced he felt real. He walked, he flew, he blinked, and he even looked like he had emotions, it was amazing!

How To Train Your Dragon

The summer isn’t over yet, so just you wait and see, maybe there is more to be added to THE GREAT SUMMER EXTRAVAGAZA!



 Ashley has been a PR gal at The Aba Agency for 3 years. She is a shoe addict, fashion junkie and full-time fashionista. Follow Ashley on Twitter @DcChic1 and on tumblr

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