All Things Fashion DC | Fab Five Fashion Faves: DC Menswear Brands
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Fab Five Fashion Faves: DC Menswear Brands


15 Aug Fab Five Fashion Faves: DC Menswear Brands

By ATFDC Contributor Beth Beru

There is no denying the talent that rests here in our nation’s capital and we felt it time to shed some light on the men and women of D.C. making a name for themselves in men’s fashion.

Read Wall, Designer of Read’s Clothing Project

This 25 year old Spring Valley native is the creative mind behind this line of menswear clothing influenced from his prep school background with a modern twist and southern finish in colors. He has expanded his clothing line to Read Wall, a men’s sportswear line and he has only just begun!

His clothing line is currently being carried at Sherman Pickey in Georgetown and Rue 14 on 14th St.

Read Wall

Kelly Muccio,
Owner of Lost Boys

1033 31st St., NW

Kelly Muccio entered the fashion world after quitting her job at one of D.C.’s premier equity company to head to the city that never sleeps, NYC. Muccio returned to D.C. with her newly found fashion expertise to go on and open Lost Boys. This store is focused on helping men discover their signature style and customizing it.

Lost Boys

Somkiat Umkerd
, Vintage Collector & Owner of Dr. K’s Vintage

1534 U. St NW

D.C. was in need of a vintage shop that carried an assortment of vintage pieces for men and in walked Somkiat. This 21 year old rock/Americana/western eyed vintage collector has packed his store with a variety of jackets, old-school Levi’s and shoes to warm the hearts of a man who loves a classic piece.

Dr. K’s Vintage / photo courtesy of meetsobsession


Pranav Vora, Founder & CEO of Hugh & Crye

After grabbing a couple degrees from Indiana University and London School of Economics, Pranav set his sights on the world of men’s fashion. He is the brains behind this online store based in D.C. and the new sizing system designed to help men comfortably wear dress shirts fit to their body. Always crafting and seeking new ways to better customize the fit of men’s shirts for consumers, Pranav will always be ahead of the movement to make shirts fit and feel good.

Hugh & Crye

Alexander Gorman & Richard Owens, Founders of The Good Kin: The Midnight Society

In the Fall of 2011, Alexander and Richard launched this grassroots clothing company pulling from their  life experiences and cultural influences that transcend onto their customized pieces. No one piece is alike and is crafted and finished by hand to give it its own personality. These two designers have created a line of distinctive clothing to give buyers pieces to set them apart from the norm.

The Good Kin

 featured photo courtesy of the Read Wall