All Things Fashion DC | All Things Fashion DC: Reflecting on Our 1st Year
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All Things Fashion DC: Reflecting on Our 1st Year

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16 Aug All Things Fashion DC: Reflecting on Our 1st Year

by ATFDC Founder / Editor-in-Chief

I can’t believe it’s actually been a year. I remember thinking about creating an online resource and aggregate news site that was a one-stop shop for fashion news in DC in early 2011 and contemplating the best approach to move forward. When I finally created All Things Fashion DC (ATFDC) in August 2011, I had no idea whether my concept would actually work. Like any new endeavor, I was riddled with questions, doubts, and frankly insecurities. Would there be enough content to sustain a daily fashion news site focused solely on the Washington DC region? Will there be an audience for the content? Will the community embrace ATFDC as a vehicle for information, promotion, awareness, and opportunity?

All questions that in the past 12 months have been answered with an unwavering and resounding response of YES. YES there has been more content than I could have anticipated. As the website has grown and the knowledge that it exists has grown, content has come to us. We are extremely grateful to everyone that has sent us an email or tweet with their event, brand, job opportunity, appearances and more. You have proven that YES there is tangible fashion content in dc that people are interested in and pay attention to. Since we launched our official website on Monday, February 6, 2012, we have received over 200,000+ views and over 2.5million hits. Currently, we are averaging over 35,000+ views a month / 1,500+ views daily. That is an exponential growth for such a hyper-localized online resource.  I knew we were onto something and our 3rd major question would be answered when within the first month of our launch on Twitter, we had over a 100 followers (as of today, we have 1,222 followers and counting). I knew then that YES the community would indeed embrace us.

In the past 12 months, we have launched numerous DC centric features, columns, and series – 1 Question 2 Bloggers, Fashiontonian of the Month, Style Salute, Ageless Fashiontonians, Fashion Intelligence, The Go To List and more! We even coined a term “Fashiontonian” that is now commonly used in the DC fashion lingo. What has surprised me more than anything is the willingness and interest from a vast range of people in contributing to ATFDC while allowing me to stay anonymous. My desire to stay unknown from Day 1 is because I don’t want my identity and my relationships within the DC fashion community and beyond, to play a role in the type of content we publish. I also don’t want our readers to be influenced by the Who, but to be more concerned and interested in the What. What is happening in DC fashion this week? What are the best local places to shop. Who are the Fashiontonians that I need to know? What DC fashion jobs and internships are available to me? Where can I go to get this information all in one place? Those are the questions that I want people to care about, not necessarily who is behind ATFDC.

Nonetheless, it has been fun hearing feedback about the site and seeing its growth. We have barely scratched the surface of what is in store for our readers and followers. We are constantly working on new stories, seeking out people, places and things, and diligently establishing ourselves as the authority for All Things Fashion in DC.

So as I take a moment to reflect on the first 12 months of our existence, I want to say THANK YOU to every single person who has every clicked on our website, tweeted/retweeted us, shared an article with your friends, family, and/or colleagues, liked our facebook page or post, signed up for our Daily Fashion Roundup and has been featured by us, particularly those people we featured in the beginning when we were just starting out.

I also want to take this time to say THANK YOU to all the contributors past & present (in alphabetical order) – Abby Hamilton, Alexander Kafka, Ana Spevak, Anastasia Lambrou, Anuli Akanegbu, Ashley Arias, Barbara Collins, Bethlehem Beru, Brendan McEntee, Cami Nezam, Emily Cirillo, Evelyn Bandoh,  Ezra Menelik, Jessica Danyele Gold, Kara Manos, Kate Julian, Kayla Phillips, Kelsi Zimmerman, Kelly Johnston, Kelly Mosser, Kiah Leigh Rhode, Laura Zucker,  Lauren Bulbin, Monika Bapna, Ryan Charchian, Ricki Peltzman, Sophie-Marie, and Susan Stipanovich. Also, THANK YOU to brands SVELTE, LLC & Pleatherette for helping us to launch our DC Fashion Directory.

Last but definitely not the least, I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to three very special people (you know who you are :) ) who were there from the very beginning and assisted with everything from the creation of the logo, to setting up the social media accounts, to jumping in at the last minute to lend support and content, and most importantly to dealing with me and sacrificing themselves by respecting my desire to be anonymous which in turn forced them to be anonymous. I couldn’t have done it without you.

So here’s to a bigger and better All Things Fashion DC!!!! Please do not hesitate to contact me / us  at @AllThingsFashDC or via email at