All Things Fashion DC | Event Recap: The New Meeps
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Event Recap: The New Meeps


16 Aug Event Recap: The New Meeps

by ATFDC Contributor Susan Stipanovich

Upon arrival at Meeps newly remodeled shop, located at 2104 18th Street, it’s clear that the highly anticipated re-launch is in full swing; a DJ playing vintage LPs graces the front window, playing tunes for the guests drinking wine and politely bargaining over which items they are going to purchase.  Several times throughout the evening, guests could be found smiling and saying, “Oh, I saw that first…” as they reached for the same item.  The space is filled with interesting pieces from years gone by, showcasing the impeccable taste of the shop’s owners on every rack, shelf, and display.  The attention to detail is everywhere, from the hand-stamped price tags to the delicate pearl design on a featured handbag.  The architect is about and eager to discuss the store’s new layout, pointing out the cut-outs in the ceiling which match shapes on the floor.  He can’t contain his pride in the new space, declaring: “collaborating with Meeps has been a great project; they are so passionate about the clothes and have a true entrepreneurial spirit”.  He gestures to his favorite features here and there among the well-dressed guests. 

The occasion has given many guests an opportunity to embrace the ‘playful vibe’ that Meeps prides themselves on featuring.  A hint of rebellion is evident in many outfits, from bold lace trousers to quirky handbags and accessories.  Individuality reigns as guests fawn over each other’s choices and compliment the well thought-out ensembles they have chosen for the evening (many sprinkled with vintage pieces they’ve found at Meeps before the remodel or partner store Treasury Vintage.  One guest comments that her favorite aspect of vintage clothing is that “everything has a story, and so when you buy and wear vintage it’s an opportunity to change or continue the story- it’s an adventure.”  Vintage enthusiasts were thrilled at the selection that Meeps had to offer, from tee-shirts to lace shawls, sports souvenirs to playful costume jewelry. 

The shop has found ways to display a surprising amount of items without overcrowding the space, making for a relaxed, enjoyable shopping experience while not compromising on the range of their selection.  When asked about favorite items, one employee’s eyes grow wide as she replies “Oh, everything- we get new items in every day and it’s all I can do to put them out and not buy them myself.”  As the night progresses it’s clear that new merchandise daily will be necessary to keep the shop stocked, as guests carry armfuls of clothes into the dressing room, sometimes even coming out to model them for friends and shop employees.  The cash register is in almost constant operation as purchases are happily made, guests smiling broadly as their items are handed back to them neatly wrapped in Meeps bags.  As guests depart, planning the perfect occasion to wear their new purchases, they can be found giving the shop one more longing gaze as they promise to return for the pieces they’ve reluctantly left behind.

Meeps will be open with regular hours starting tomorrow Friday, August 17, 2012. BUY/SELL/TRADE will start Monday, August 20, 2012.

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 All images by Alex Kafka for All Things Fashion DC


Susan Stipanovich is a stylist and writer who lives and works in Washington D.C. She researches counter terrorism methods and international security sector reform in Africa and the Middle East by day as a Department of Defense associate and spends her free time curating a fashionable lifestyle through her blog Hepburn Loves Givenchy.