All Things Fashion DC | Fashion Talk: R&B Recording Artist Qui Qui Martin
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Fashion Talk: R&B Recording Artist Qui Qui Martin


16 Aug Fashion Talk: R&B Recording Artist Qui Qui Martin

by ATFDC Contributor Barbara Collins

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and take it back to the early 00’s when the girl group Isyss was introduced to us with their first hits “Day and Night” and “Single for the Rest of My Life”. The all-girl group was signed to Arista which was later disbanded after one album, and we never heard anything from the girls since. However, the lead singer Qui Qui Martin has re-emerged into the music scene as she prepares for the release of her first solo album!  Miss Martin, who is known for her amazing voice, is finally ready to let her vocals shine with her debut album “A Melodic Seduction”.

All Things Fashion DC caught up with the stylish singer for this interview and discussed her love for fall fashion, growing up in the DMV, life after Isyss, and much more!

Qui Qui Martin


All Things Fashion DC (ATFDC): Miss Martin it’s been a long time since we heard or seen you. How have you been?

Qui Qui Martin (QM): I’ve been great! Been working on my first solo album as well as a few book writing projects!

ATFDC: That’s great. So I read that you went to school in Baltimore?

QM: Yes, I went to Baltimore School for the Performing Arts.

ATFDC: What did you study while you attend the Baltimore School for the Arts?

QM: I was music major. I studied classical music as well as piano, music theory, and music literature.

ATFDC: Are you originally from Maryland?

QM: Yes, I was born and raised in Baltimore, md but I moved to Los Angeles when I was 16 and have been here ever since.

ATFDC:  So you’re a DMV girl! How was in like growing up in Baltimore?

QM: I love my city! I’m proud to have been born and raised in Baltimore City! I’ve been blessed to have a supportive family who kept me in activities growing up. This ensured that I stayed focused on my talent and out of trouble.

ATFDC: We have to do some fashion talk! (laughs)  What are looking forward to wearing this fall and what are fall must haves?

QM: Winter is personally my favorite season as far as dressing is concerned. My top 5 fashion items are thigh boots, scarves, turtle neck dresses, ankle boots, and UGGS. In the winter, I love that you can dress in layers and wear beautiful scarves and tights.

ATFDC: Who are your favorite designers?

QM: I love Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Christian Louboutin, and D&G.

ATFDC: So let’s talk about the group Isyss. How did the group form?

QM: Most think Isyss was a put together group, but we actually all met through mutual friends.

ATFDC: Were all of you ladies friends before the group started?

QM: Yes, we were.

ATFDC: You were the lead singer. Was there a lot of pressure put on you?

QM: Definitely, I had to work more than the rest in the studio since I was the lead singer. I also had to make sure I did my best live since I was lead on the majority of the songs.

ATFDC: What do you remember about recording the debut album “The Way We Do”?

QM: I remember being very excited and anxious. The album process happened so fast and I was trying to take it all in. Sometimes I felt like pinching myself because my dreams from being a little girl were finally coming true.


ATFDC: Unfortunately the album didn’t make the impact that you all hoped for. What were some of the reasons for the low album sales?

QM: Definitely lack of promotion. We worked hard and hoped for higher sales but I’m still thankful for the experience.

ATFDC: What happened after being dropped from Arista? We didn’t hear too much from the group.

QM: Ardena left the group and we tried to continue on, but it didn’t feel right without her.  After making the decision to move on we all started doing separate things.

ATFDC: Do you still talk to any of the other band members?

QM: Yes. We are all still very close. My birthday recently passed and they all were there to celebrate with me.

ATFDC: So now you are pursuing a solo career. Has it been a big transition?

QM: Singing has always been natural for me. I started out by myself singing behind church pulpits and wherever else I was asked so being solo was always the ultimate goal. I’m very excited to finally be embarking on my solo career.

ATFDC: When can we expect your solo album “A Melodic Seduction”?

QM: My album is slated for a February 2013 release.

ATFDC: Can you tell us who you have worked with on this album?

QM: I have worked with a lot of talented producers on this album; Kwame, who has produced for Mary J. Blige, Keyshia Cole, and Fantasia. I have also been working with Kendrick Dean, who has produced records for Mariah Carey, Chris Brown, and Usher.

ATFDC: When will you release your first single from the album?

QM: My first single will be released November 20, 2012.

ATFDC: How can your fans stay connected with you?

QM: My fans can stay connected with me on twitter @Quiquimartin as well as by subscribing to my YouTube channel Quiquimartinmusic.


Barbara is a sophomore at Old Dominion University, majoring in International Studies with a minor in Fashion Merchandising. She also writes for CocoKouture Magazine and would love to pursue a career in the fashion industry as a writer for a top fashion magazine