All Things Fashion DC | Ageless Fashiontonian: Deborah Kalkstein
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Ageless Fashiontonian: Deborah Kalkstein

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20 Aug Ageless Fashiontonian: Deborah Kalkstein

Inspired by Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style documentary and the recent spotlight by Lanvin, MAC, American Apparel and Bulgari, we recently launched a new All Things Fashion DC series “Ageless Fashiontonians.’ The goal of this series is to feature Washingtonian women 50+ who have an incredible sense of personal style.

This week’s Ageless Fashiontonian is Deborah Kalkstein! What we love about each Fashiontonian is their personalities and personal style. Learn more about Deborah and check out the slideshow below of 7 Stylish Days with Deborah.

Ageless Fashiontonian Deborah Kalkstein

  • Name:  Deborah Kalkstein

  • Age: 49 ’til next January  ;)

  • Occupation:  Architect by training. Contemporaria and Alessi store owner.

  • Favorite DC Boutique/Retailer/Designer:  I’m into Theory these days… but love the mix of Relish, Muleh, and small names sometimes you find at Barneys.

  • Must-Have Fashion / Beauty Item(s):  Good pair of jeans, must have more than 100 pairs…in every cut, shape, color, length and brand possible.

  • Your #1 Fashion, Beauty, and/or Life Philosophy:  Life shows you everyday and in so many ways how you are not in control of major events so the ones I can control I do “big” time…and clothing, hair, makeup, the way you look and the way you show yourself to be are all those small controllable things in my life. I like people to see who I am, to get the inner me when I’m dressed up or not. I always wear things in a particular way that I think reflects my curiosity and creativity and I like to experiment…[its] easy with clothes than anything else I guess.

  • Biggest Myth about Being Stylish After 50:  I’m not fifty yet but im very close and dont feel my stye has changed that much. [I] still like being comfortable in my own skin, feeling sexy and sensual I don’t think comes with age, I feel more comfortable in my own skin than when I was in my 20s. Dressing as I always did  and feeling in control of what I wear and still dress “young” and “hip” while having my kids approval is my motto…haven’t change anything in my closet yet.

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