All Things Fashion DC | Op-Ed: Pretty Is As Pretty Does
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Op-Ed: Pretty Is As Pretty Does


23 Aug Op-Ed: Pretty Is As Pretty Does

All Things Fashion DC would like to introduce our latest guest contributor, Fashiontonian of the Month, and DC based celebrity makeup, hair, and wardrobe stylist James Cornwell. He will be sharing his thoughts on the multiple facets of the beauty and fashion industry.

by ATFDC Guest Contributor James Cornwell

In this age of injections for a youthful look, to make your bottom bigger, or to plump up your lips, so much about beauty seems to be lost in a needle, in implant’s, and  in a plastic infested world. All these enhancements are great, but are they having a positive effect for the real reason people are seeking refuge in a false image of who they are?  Do not get me wrong, I’ve seen what man’s creations are capable of when enhancing ones image, especially with the usage of makeup. But even makeup can hide what a person is feeling when overused or used for all the wrong reasons. When you feel pretty it comes from inside, when you enhance that feeling with makeup, that is when you feel Beautiful! There is such a fine line to walk between being a beautiful person and looking beautiful, and with most things in our world today, people take it way too far. Sometimes I think we should get back to basics.

Pretty starts with taking good care of yourself, Being healthy from the inside out and Being mentally and physically healthy. We all have our “days” where we could feel a little more beautiful. This is what I LOVE about makeup!  I love any chance to make someone feel more beautiful. Just adding the basics to your boring everyday routine can make a huge difference in how you feel and how people see you. Mascara, lip gloss or lip stick, and some blush can do the job to jump start your day. Simple changes in your life can make such a huge impact when you’re going through a difficult time.

As a beauty care expert I’ve seen women come in with the worst of attitudes. They may have extreme concerns about skin, hair, or body shape. They may also be going through a breakup, or they are getting pressure from a boyfriend/husband to not wear makeup. So many factors come in to play when you are dealing with a media driven world where beauty is “Youth”, “Skinny”, and need I say, but “Plastic”. First of all Love yourself. No matter what anyone say’s. If you need to make changes, do it for you or what drives you to make that change. But when it comes to your beauty do not be afraid to let it show. If you want to enhance your best feature with makeup, go for it. If someone has something to say about it that is when you let your inner beauty show. Just tell them “thank you for your concern, I feel beautiful” It’s as simple and basic as that.  One thing I have learned over the years is you can’t get your feelings hurt by what someone says, if it’s not the truth! So dig deep. Get to know who you are. Get to know your own beautiful.

So what do you say people? Shall we put down the needles, the fillers, the plastic, and get back to working out, doing facials, wearing beautiful makeup?

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A hair, makeup and styling guru, James Cornwell is skilled in forecasting trends helping him to create phenomenal work. He is the founder of Cornwell Styling, Art Director for PR at Partners and Tim Coburn Photography, and celebrity makeup artist for Votre Vu. He regularly styles for fashion shows, photo shoots, TV, weddings and special occasion events. He has worked with countless celebrities and political figures including Jessica Alba, Patricia Arquette, Holly Robinson Peete, Mya, Jeremy Piven, David Tutera, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and more. Follow him at @cornwellstyling.