All Things Fashion DC | Fashion Talk: Future Generation Clothing’s Kevin Lattimore
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Fashion Talk: Future Generation Clothing’s Kevin Lattimore

Kevin Lattimore

28 Aug Fashion Talk: Future Generation Clothing’s Kevin Lattimore

by ATFDC Contributor Barbara Collins

Watch out DC! Fashion designer Kevin Lattimore is bringing graphic tees to new heights with his company called Future Generation Clothing. Born and raised Washington, DC, Kevin Lattimore is taking the Nation’s Capital by storm and is one of the most anticipated emerging brands in the D.C. area. Future Generation Clothing is a lifestyle brand that is not only bringing new trends in the area, but is giving you meaning, style, and inspiration!

Lattimore puts all his love into his brand and there is no reason to question is success. Read on learn more about the designer in our All Things Fashion DC exclusive interview!

All Things Fashion DC (ATFDC): Kevin can you tell our All Things Fashion DC readers a little bit about yourself and background?

Kevin Lattimore (KT): My name is Kevin Lattimore I am the founder/creator of Future Generation Clothing.  I was born and raised in the Washington DC area. I graduated from Dunbar Sr. High school in 1996. I married with 3 beautiful girls.

ATFDC: When did you first launch Future Generation Clothing?

KT: Future Generation Clothing was established in 2009.

ATFDC: Did you always know that you wanted to own your clothing line?

KT: The desire of owning my own brand did not come until 2000, 2001.

ATFDC: How involved are you in the designing process? I am hands on.

KT: I come up with the concepts of what I feeling and seeing at the time. I then pass it on to my graphic designer and then we go from there.

ATFDC: Who is the Future Generation woman or man?

KT: Future Generation is for men and women and in the future launch children’s.

ATFDC: What inspires the clothes for Future Generation?

KT: The quality, color, the look and feel of the garment. Also looking at magazines, TV, browsing through the web looking at other brands, that’s where my inspirations come from.

ATFDC: What inspired the name of the brand?

KT: I was riding in my car listening to a song, in that song someone mentioned “Future Generation” and when I heard it, I took it and now I am running with it.

ATFDC: What is your ultimate goal for Future Generation?

KT: Ultimate goal would be to reach the World with the brand.

ATFDC: Do you have any hopes of starting other clothing lines?

KT: Yes I would love too.

ATFDC: Do you have any plans of expanding the line with other clothing pieces and accessories?

KT: Yes, as the brand grows, I would like to emerge into all category’s involving clothing and accessories.

ATFDC: What has been your biggest accomplishment with Future Generation Clothing?

KT: My biggest accomplishment was putting one foot in front of the other and doing something with Future Generation Clothing Co.

ATFDC: Any upcoming projects in progress?

KT: Yes our main focus right now is our website.

ATFDC: Who can we purchase Future Generation Clothing and stay in touch with you?

KT: (coming soon); facebook FG_BrandClothing; Instagram @ FG_Brand; Twitter @ FG_Brand

Barbara is a sophomore at Old Dominion University, majoring in International Studies with a minor in Fashion Merchandising. She also writes for CocoKouture Magazine and would love to pursue a career in the fashion industry as a writer for a top fashion magazine