All Things Fashion DC | 7 Fashionable Essentials for September in DC
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7 Fashionable Essentials for September in DC

DC September Essentials

29 Aug 7 Fashionable Essentials for September in DC

by ATFDC Contributor Sophie-Marie

Last month, I  wrote an article on the “12 Glam Essentials To Survive Summer in DC“. Now as the weather is getting (hopefully) colder, I will share with you my essentials for a fashionable September in DC.

Most of us head back to school or work, and obviously, as we live in a society based on consumerism (not that I’m complaining!), we follow the ritual of fall shopping; we invest in new pieces, and we do a little impulse buys here and there, obviously.
Without further ado, here are the pieces I deem essential:
  • A trench coat: Because we all fantasize about the last scene of Breakfast in Tiffany (If you need a recap: …rain, cat, kissy-kissy mwah-mwah) where Audrey is wearing a classic trench. You may like the ones that come out every fall in crazy patterns and colours, but for the sake of fashion, invest in a quality beige trench. A full skirt is reminiscent of the New Look silhouette, emphasizes the waist, and doesn’t cling to the lower body (we can all admit that adding extra fabric in this area isn’t exactly flattering.)
  • Rider boots: Ladies, we live in a city where it is best to appear chic and dignified. So let’s leave colourful rubber rain boots for children (Disclaimer: First Amendment, I know… I’m just giving fashion advice. Chill) and opt for quality leather shoes that we can wear when it’s raining but not feel ridiculous wearing when it stops raining. It is best to chose a straight line with no embellishments because ruffles can visually make your lower legs larger.
  • A quilted bag: We all have to carry, whether it’s books, laptops, files, along with the absolutely essential three-pounds to-go bag of make-up and tools and our electronics, keys, etc. I remember a conversation I’ve had with people on a train from Toulouse to Paris where I and another woman showed a man the contents of our bags and explained to him how everything was absolutely essential. Anyways, back to the bag: the Chanel-like black leather quilted tote is a classic model, that although popular, doesn’t make me want to yell in horror like the Louis Vuitton monogrammed variety (it. is. everywhere!!! It’s like this scene from 102 Dalmatians when Glenn Close goes mental and starts seeing all of London in dalmatian. Same here, except I see all of America in LV. And… I think I prefer dalmatian). Back to the bag, again: since most of us haven’t reached this stage of our life where we can afford the Chanel, the F21 is a good alternative. I’ve seen it in store: the leather looks real, the quality is excellent, and it doesn’t look cheap at all. A win!
  • A more moisturizing moisturizer: The weather getting suddenly colder can have bad consequences on your skin, including excessive dryness and peeling, for the unluckiest of us. This is where the Clinique moisturizer flies in to save the day. Although very light, it is incredibly soothing and very hydrating. I like to use it in the fall before switching for a heavier formula (from L’Occitane, if you’re wondering) in the colder months.
  • A jewel-toned nail polish: People who know me know I wear red more than any other colour on my nails. Red may be just red for some, but I like to switch from a bright coral-red in the summer to a darker garnet with purple undertones in the fall. There is something in this combination that is just perfect.
  • Black opaque tights: If you indulged a little during the summer and procrastinated with your exercise routine, tights might be just perfect. I like to choose them black (it’s a slimming colour), very opaque (that’s a personal reason: I’m a big klutz, and I have too many bruises and scraps on my legs), and very thick, so they can smooth my legs and hide any little problems, like orange skin and such. You can wear them like leggings, but just with longer tops to hide le popotin. (Guess this is French for what, and then go on my blog and leave a comment with the answer (no Google Translate (or anything besides your French skills or ability to deviner)… I will know.) If you’ve got it right, you win some of my home-made macarons in the flavour of your choice.)
  • Amber earrings: Now that the weather isn’t so hot that any metal in contact with your skin feels like a branding iron, you can make a little tribute to the changing colour of the trees with amber earrings. Cheesy, I know, but it simply isn’t fun if you can pull those off in the summer.
Sophie-Marie was born in a small French-speaking Mediterranean country and moved to the DC area in 2006. In 2010, she started her freshman year of college at NYU in Paris and then took a gap year during which she used her free time to blog ( and cultivate herself as much as possible. History, languages,  film, anything about the 1950s and before, literature (19th century French Romanticism is my favourite), opera, are among the many things that inspire her and her style. Follow her on twitter @miss_sonushka