All Things Fashion DC | What to Wear for Fall: High Schoolers, College Students & Their Parents
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What to Wear for Fall: High Schoolers, College Students & Their Parents

What to Wear Fall II

30 Aug What to Wear for Fall: High Schoolers, College Students & Their Parents

by ATFDC Contributor Emily Cirillo

It’s that time of year again. You’ve read all the big name September issues, taken your last minute vacations, and most importantly gotten yourself ready for the fall season that’s just a few short weeks away. Whether we like it or not, the season is changing. Once we accept that fact, the fun begins: fall shopping. As Washingtonians we are lucky to have a few extra weeks of warm weather, but it’s never too early to prepare for the fall season ahead. So here are a few fall must haves for Fashiontonians of any age.

High School-ers

  • Baseball Varsity Jacket- Even if you aren’t a star athlete, a varsity jacket can still work for you. The ¾ length sleeves are perfect for the changing season and they are simple enough to work with any outfit.

  • Leopard Loafers- These comfy shoes allow you to make a statement. They are fun, young, and will standout in the bland hallways of your high school. For one that is moderately priced and designer, check out the Steve Madden brand. Not only are they cute, but they are perfect for seasonal transitions. A definite must have.

    Photo Credit: Steve Madden

College Students

  • The low bootie- This versatile boot can go with any outfit whether it be a dress or something casual you wear to class. The low bootie can be a staple in your wardrobe and is strong enough to be the foundation of the girl who’s always on the go.
  • Velvet leggings- During my own back to school shopping, in almost every store I went to I saw a pair of chic velvet leggings. At first I was confused but after trying them one I can see why they are becoming so popular: they make you look great without really trying. Simple, yet a little unique, make velvet leggings a must.
  • Small Clutch- Smaller handbags have been in all year. While many students carry around their Longchamps and other large bags to classes, the small clutch is the perfect going out accessory. They can fit everything you need for a night on the town without taking attention away from you and your going out outfit.

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  • Peplum skirt- One of the hottest trends for the fall season is peplum. Peplum shirts, dresses and skirts have all been put in stores and seen by stars on the red carpet but the skirt is a must have. A peplum skirt is great for work or a night out with friends. It would be a standout in the workplace and make you a very chic Fashiontonian.
  • Plaid Blazer- Blazers are a staple in any working woman’s wardrobe, but if you don’t have one then definitely invest. Not only are they versatile, but a blazer is the perfect finishing touch to your work ensemble. In plaid, a blazer could be a fashionable symbol for the summer to fall transition.

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  • Skinny High Waisted Jeans- New twist to “the mom jean”, a pair of skinny high waisted jeans is perfect for weekend casual looks. Whether it be food shopping or going to your child’s soccer game, these jeans will make you look great and fashion forward. And if you aren’t already sold, the Gap sells them at a reasonable price.

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Emily Cirillo studies Political Communication and History at George Washington University.  Besides writing for ATFDC, she writes for her college newspaper and is a sister of Epsilon Sigma Alpha. She hopes to pursue a career in journalism.