All Things Fashion DC | RNC: The Good,The Bad, and the Lipstick Smear
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RNC: The Good,The Bad, and the Lipstick Smear

RNC Fashion

31 Aug RNC: The Good,The Bad, and the Lipstick Smear

by ATFDC Contributor Emily Cirillo

The Republican National Convention was held this past week, concluding Thursday night with Governor Romney’s nomination acceptance speech. In true Washington style we all watched for the party platforms, big speakers, and for some of us Fashhiontonians: the fashion. From Ann Romney to Condoleezza Rice, the women of the Republican Party all had their moments in the spotlight.

On the opening night of the Convention, Mrs. Romney shinned in a red Oscar de la Renta knee-length dress. The dress, although it was lovely, is not one of Mr. de la Renta’s best designs. This dress is a little more Conservative symbolizing Mrs. Romney’s political views. The most outstanding thing about the dress is probably its price. Although the dress isn’t for sale online, similar styles on Net A Porter indicate that the dress is worth about $2000.

This dress was Mrs. Romney’s shining fashion moment. Along the campaign trail she had been criticized, by me included, for her underwhelming fashion. She usually tries to underwhelm in the fashion department as a way of connecting with Middle Class voters. The American people are very well aware that she’s part of the 1 percent elite and can afford designer clothes. If Fashiontonians had that type of money, they would go designer. It looks like for the Convention Mrs. Romney embraced her wealth and went for the glam factor, resulting in commentators comparing her to First Ladies like Nancy Reagan or Michelle Obama.

Also shining on the stage was Paul Ryan’s wife Janna. Mrs. Ryan went simple, choosing the path that Ann Romney paved on the campaign trail. The wife of Vice Presidential hopeful wore a $169 emerald dress from Talbots. Mrs. Ryan looked great and wore the dress nicely, but her choice was nothing memorable.

The lowest point in fashion for the week was former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Secretary Rice wore a pale pink dress with pearls. It looked wrinkly and too big for her. As Secretary, she was more fashionable. Since she’s left Washington, she may have not read too many fashion magazines. But her dress wasn’t discussed too much by commentators or social media. Ms. Rice had a lipstick stain on her teeth that Twitter users pounced on. Maybe if she followed Mrs. Romney’s lead and went a little more glam then her teeth would have been ignored completely.


Emily Cirillo was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. She moved to Washington DC in August of 2010 when she began her studies at The George Washington University. She is currently a sophomore studying Political Communication and History. Besides writing for ATFDC, she writes for her college newspaper and is a sister of Epsilon Sigma Alpha. She hopes to pursue a career in journalism. Emily loves fashion and her favorite stores are Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, and