All Things Fashion DC | Finding the Right Fit in ‘Straight Size’ Stores
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Finding the Right Fit in ‘Straight Size’ Stores

The Gap

05 Sep Finding the Right Fit in ‘Straight Size’ Stores

by ATFDC Contributor Dionna Humphrey

I’ve always been a fan of the Gap family (Banana, Gap, Old Navy & my go-to place for all things shoe related, Piperlime). Their style is classic, stylish without ever going over the top, and subtly chic. Unfortunately for us curvy Fashiontonians, the sizing in the stores can be limiting. However I’ve been able to find some great pieces that, while weren’t typically my size, have a generous fit & work out just fine. So I decided to see what the Gap in Farragut North had in store.

When I first saw the fall collection from Gap, the piece that caught my eye was a blazer in the most amazing colors.

Ponte Academy Blazer

But would I find it in a size that would fit right? They had one 16 left in the navy (that’s the highest they usually go up in the stores; online you can find up to size 20 or XXL), which is smaller than what I normally wear, but I figured I would give it a whirl. Armed with a really fantastic boyfriend checkered shirt, off to the dressing room I went.

Fitted Boyfriend Plaid Shirt

Surprisingly, everything fit. The blazer was a tad snug in the arms and didn’t cover the chest as well as I like. But then again, blazers like this aren’t meant to be worn buttoned up so this could be overlooked. The top, while an XL (not my size), was not as tight in the chest as I thought it would be. The boyfriend cut is meant to be a bit roomier (thanks Gap!). One thing I will say about shopping in exclusively ‘straight size’ stores is that, for me, bottoms are typically my nemesis. I found a pair of bootleg cords I thought would be great with this blazer and shirt, but alas, there was nothing even close in my size.

1969 Skinny Boot Cords

As much as everything fit ok, I decided however to buy the complete outfit online. I wish they carried the full range in sizes in the stores, because I often wear both ‘plus’ and ‘straight’ sizes and to have to do online and in the store shopping for the right size can be a challenge. But nevertheless I stand by my belief that you should always try stores you think may not always carry your size because you may find some great pieces that fit.

Don’t let this post discourage you my curvy fashiontonian beauties! There are some really great pieces at the Gap this season, pop by and see what fits you best.


Dionna Humphrey is the owner of Body Conscious Beauty, a style consulting company serving the Washington, D.C. area. Body Conscious Beauty styles women of all sizes, including plus size beauties. For more information visit us online at