All Things Fashion DC | DNC: Michelle Obama’s Shining Moment
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DNC: Michelle Obama’s Shining Moment

Democratic Convention

10 Sep DNC: Michelle Obama’s Shining Moment

by ATFDC Contributor Emily Cirillo

The Democratic National Convention wrapped up Thursday night with President Obama accepting his party’s re-nomination. Like the RNC (which I wrote about last week), Washingtonians watched with excitement. But thanks to Michelle Obama, Fashiontonians got a bit of a treat too. Many women spoke this week at the DNC, but the First Lady was definitely the fashion stand out.

Mrs. Obama addressed the DNC on Tuesday night. She wore a beautiful sleeveless pink Tracy Reese dress. The dress was a custom design made just for the First Lady. But Fashiontonians don’t fret, the dress will be sold in stores soon. The price hasn’t been decided yet, but it will be somewhere under $500. Mrs. Obama’s dress is noticeably a lot more affordable then the Oscar de la Renta that Mrs. Romney wore on her big night at the RNC last week. With her fashion choice, the First Lady showed that you don’t need to pay thousands to be stylish and made a political statement by trying to prove that she and the President were more economically in touch with everyday Americans then the Romney’s.  Mrs. Obama paired the Tracy Reese design with a pair of $245 J. Crew heels. Along with her speech, the First Lady’s dress stole the show on the first night of the convention.

Michelle Obama in Tracy Reese & J.Crew / (Photo : Reuters)

Besides the First Lady, another style choice that really stuck with me was Sandra Fluke. Ms. Fluke is a Georgetown Law School graduate who became a household name this year after conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh called her “a slut” because of her support of contraceptives.  Mrs. Fluke made a speech on Wednesday night about women’s choice, but she looked like anything but the derogatory Mr. Limbaugh called her. Ms. Fluke wore a simple purple sleeveless dress, symbolizing her status as an ordinary American woman. Her rise in fame was sudden and unexpected and her fashion choice was effortless and respectable, showing that she was just a normal woman standing up for what she believed in. Besides Mrs. Obama, Ms. Fluke was my favorite fashion choice.


Emily Cirillo was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. She moved to Washington DC in August of 2010 when she began her studies at The George Washington University. She is currently a sophomore studying Political Communication and History. Besides writing for ATFDC, she writes for her college newspaper and is a sister of Epsilon Sigma Alpha. She hopes to pursue a career in journalism. Emily loves fashion and her favorite stores are Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, and