All Things Fashion DC | Op-Ed: Fall, Fashion & Karma?
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Op-Ed: Fall, Fashion & Karma?


11 Sep Op-Ed: Fall, Fashion & Karma?

by ATFDC Guest Contributor James Cornwell

Let’s Fall in to fashion, warm up your wardrobe, out with the old in with the new. These are saying’s we hear all the time, but how many people really get rid of the old and make room for the new? Fashion comes and goes, trends change, people change, but who changes out their wardrobe?

Realistically there are so many of us that have too much “fashion” (I say crap) in our closets that we don’t give a second look. What a waste! How eco friendly are we? The person that was the first to say out with the old in with the new probably did not realize what turmoil they would cause for people trying to transition their wardrobe. So first off, let’s start with some easy steps:

Before you go shopping a Fall sale, you know the flyer you got in the mail with an extra 20% off your entire purchase? Take a little time and weed out your closet. If you are planning to buy a new outfit, you should plan to donate one outfit, it only makes sense. There are so many people in need of good, inexpensive clothing. So before adding to the 100 outfits that you don’t even wear, think about it.

When you weed out your closet and donate, you are doing a service to the community, helping someone that is not as fortunate as you, and collecting some good karma points! So Pause, walk to you closet, take a deep breath, remove an outfit, head down to your favorite donation spot, then go straight to the sale, you will feel AMAZING!

Do you need some suggestions on where to donate? Here are some of my favorites:

Suited for Change:  Located at 1000 Vermont Ave. NW Washington DC Ste 420

Suited for change helps women enter and re-enter the work force. They give Women the opportunity for independence and self sufficiency. It’s a great non-profit to donate to.

Menzfit:  1000 Vermont ave NW Washington Dc.

Menzfit is a non profit whose mission is to ensure long-term, gainful employment, and financial fitness among disadvantaged men.

Goodwill: Located all over…

Goodwill’s mission: To transform lives and communities through the power of education and employment

So, enjoy the Fall, the Fall fashion, and remember, KARMA IS A BITCH!

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A hair, makeup and styling guru, James Cornwell is skilled in forecasting trends helping him to create phenomenal work. He is the founder of Cornwell Styling, Art Director for PR at Partners and Tim Coburn Photography, and celebrity makeup artist for Votre Vu. He regularly styles for fashion shows, photo shoots, TV, weddings and special occasion events. He has worked with countless celebrities and political figures including Jessica Alba, Patricia Arquette, Holly Robinson Peete, Mya, Jeremy Piven, David Tutera, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and more. Follow him at @cornwellstyling.