All Things Fashion DC | Ashley Silva shares “Pregginista” Fall Must-Haves
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Ashley Silva shares “Pregginista” Fall Must-Haves

Ashley Silva

18 Sep Ashley Silva shares “Pregginista” Fall Must-Haves

by ATFDC Contributor Barbara Collins

Fall is almost here and the weather will soon be changing! For all you pregginistas who are having a hard time picking out some fashionable items for the season, let the stylish I AM SUPERGORGE’s Ashley Silva help you with her four fall must-haves! Plus an exclusive interview below!

Ashley’s Fall Must-Haves

“My pregginista Fall must-have items are the same ones every fall.  I think every woman should have these items, pregnant or not! I don’t think you should stop being SUPERGORGE because you’re pregnant; but a few adjustments have to be made.

  1. Blazers, classic blacks and pops of color. Mustard is a great color this fall!
  2. Black Leggings (especially for the preggos) They can be dressed up or worn very casual.
  3. A great pair of boots! Yes, pregnant ladies you an still rock your heels!
  4. An accent scarf. I prefer leopard! Throw it on with your leggings, blazer, and boots and you will be set to go!”

Ashley Silva

If you have a love for fashion, entertainment, and beauty then I AM SUPERGORGE should be your next destination! Created by the beautiful Ashley Silva, the blog website is geared towards SuperGorge women and is dedicated to “empowering and enlightening, while entertaining!” Featuring fashion do’s and don’t, beauty how to’s, trends, and entertainment updates, Miss Silva says, ‘I want I AM SUPERGORGE to reach and touch women everywhere and bring out the best in us all. Female empowerment is what we are striving for. All women need to know they can be “BOSSED UP.”

Born in Baltimore, Ashley was always drawn to entertainment and the arts. The self proclaimed fashionista and socialite studied drama throughtout school and is also an experienced model! Silva also has received a certification in Broadcast Journalism from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting and is currently a fashion student at The Art Institute.

All Things Fashion DC caught up with the expectant mother to discuss fashion, I AM SUPERGORGE, SILVA LINING, and more! Continue reading for our All Things Fashion DC exclusive interview!

All Things Fashion DC (ATFDC): Miss Silva I must stay you are quite the fashionista! Have you always had an eye for fashion?

Ashley Silva (AS): Thanks. I believe so. I’ve always known how I wanted to look and didn’t want to be the exact same as everyone else. Even with my dolls clothes growing up, I would cut them and make the outfit look completely different. I love clothes, shoes and  accessories, that’s fashion. But how you portray your self and put things together, that’s style. It’s better to have style than fashion!

ATFDC: I read that you are a current fashion student at The Art Institute. Are you pursuing a degree in fashion design?

AS: I was in school for Fashion & Retail Management. I still have dreams of one day opening up

some type of boutique.

ATFDC: What stores/boutiques do you like to shop at?

AS: The mall frustrates me. The choices are so slim. I do most of my shopping online. For years I was addicted to ASOS, but now so many people know about it. I still love shopping on there, I just make sure I wear it first. (laughs) I’m always on the look out for new clothing sites.

ATFDC: I also read that you did some modeling growing up. Can you tell us a little about that?

AS: I did local modeling in my teens. It was fun for that time in my life. I was approached serveral times to do urban modeling (men’s magazines ,videos), because of my body type, but those weren’t my dreams.

ATFDC: When did you first launch I AM SUPERGORGE website?

AS: IASG launch in January of 2011. We’re about three months shy of our two year anniversary.

ATFDC: How did you come up with the name I AM SUPERGORGE?

AS: I started describing people, clothing and things as SuperGorge about two years ago. A friend suggested that I name my site SuperGorge . SuperGorge is short for Super Gorgeous.

Ashley Silva_II

ATFDC: Was creating a fashion, beauty, and entertainment website always an interest of yours and what was your idea behind it?

AS: Yes. Entertainment has always been my first love, with fashion and beauty following strongly behind. I always knew i would somehow inform others on entertainment.

ATFDC: What makes your website different from other entertainment websites?

AS: On IASG  we don’t make up stories or headlines for the sake of a hit to our site, like many others do. We give you the facts and our opinions on them. There has to be a line you draw when your job is to talk about someone else’s life. At the end of the day, celebrities are humans just like us. Along with our blog you get to know us and our personalities on a more personal level via our online radio show SUPERGORGE Radio, which airs Tuesdays 1-4pm on

ATFDC: What has been your biggest achievement with the website?

AS: Honestly I love meeting readers of the site and them telling me how much they enjoy it. That lets me know that all of my hours behind the computer aren’t in vain. It’s also nice when celebrities say “Yeah, I know SuperGorge”, it’s like icing on the cake.

ATFDC: What future goals do you have for I AM SUPERGORGE?

AS: So many. I  plan on turning I AM SUPERGORGE into  a full fledged entertainment media source, with our blog, radio show and television show.

ATFDC: Along with your husband DJQuickSilva, you run the charity SILVA LINING. Can you tell us a little about your non-profit organization?

AS: My husband and I decided to start Silva lining to benefit children who have lost parents, not just to death, but to jail and abandonment. My husband lost both of his parent by 18 and I was raised by a single mother. When you are blessed enough to do good for others, DO IT! Something so minimal to you, could change someone else’s life.

Ashley Silva & husband

ATFDC: Any upcoming projects you’re working on?

AS: Supergorge TV is our next major project. Be on the look out for SuperGorge TV!


Barbara is a sophomore at Old Dominion University, majoring in International Studies with a minor in Fashion Merchandising. She also writes for CocoKouture Magazine and would love to pursue a career in the fashion industry as a writer for a top fashion magazine