All Things Fashion DC | Event Recap: Cosmo Couture
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Event Recap: Cosmo Couture

Cosmo Couture 2012

21 Sep Event Recap: Cosmo Couture

by ATFDC Contributor Susan Stipanovich

The IIDA Washington Metro City Center held this year’s Cosmo Couture fundraising event at the Artisphere in Arlington on yesterday (September 20, 2012) evening.

Cosmo Couture 2012

Cosmo Couture fosters a direct collaboration between local Architecture and Interior Design firms and their manufacturing partners in the Washington D.C. area, to create garments reflecting a given theme each year. Garments were judged by a panel of DC notables who work in fashion, design, and architecture during the runway show and awarded prizes in categories such as ‘most creative’, and ‘best runway performance’. The beneficiary for this year’s event is be My Sister’s Place, were Cosmo Couture has donated over forty thousand dollars over the past two years.

This year’s event was a partnership between IIDA MAC and the Corcoran Gallery of Art, and the inspiration for the theme was based on Raymond Saunders’ enigmatic Red Star which is part of the museum’s Contemporary Gallery.

Raymond Saunders, Red Star, 1970.

This artwork combines Saunders’ expressionistically worked surfaces with pop art of the sixties. The Corcoran describes the painting, saying “it’s random, yet structured composition includes powerful fields of vibrant color, calligraphy marks, stenciled numbers and a huge red star with an ampersand at its heart. It bridges an urban experience reminiscent of graffiti and an iconic image stripped of its specific political significance, provoking the viewer to decode its meaning”.  From the 26th of September to the 14th of October, the Gallery will assemble all of this year’s garments into an exhibit open to the public, with a special opening night reception on the 27th of September.

Spotted MP did a wonderful job with the event. Upon entering Artisphere there were endless options of cocktails, appetizers, and desserts.  Crowds gathered around the catering tables debating which treats were the best and discussing the highly anticipated runway show.

Several speakers attempted to make introductory remarks at the start of the program, straining to speak over the overly excited crowd.  Finally one speaker, Ms. Samantha Pennington was able to capture the crowd’s attention with her moving words on her experience with My Sister’s Place and why this event was so important to her: fundraising for a great organization that proves to abused children that “your past does not have to dictate your future.”  A tearful audience gave her a standing ovation and with that, the show began.

There seemed to be no limits to the designs sent down the runway by the teams, each one inspired by Saunders’ Red Star and created out of everything from ceramic tiles to carpet padding.  Gorgeous silhouettes and everything from super hero capes to outrageous head pieces graced the runway to the crowd’s delight.  Those models wearing the garments managed to look graceful and poised despite the fact that most of the pieces had lives of their own, with one dress even being opened on the runway to reveal a brilliant star-shaped skirt.

The designs were truly innovative and a wonderful showcase of each team’s creativity.  The event was a fun and inspirational way to raise money for a very important organization and exhibited how much can be done when Fashiontonians unite behind a worthy cause.


Photo Credit: Susan Stipanovich for All Things Fashion DC


Susan Stipanovich is a stylist and writer who lives and works in Washington D.C. She researches counter terrorism methods and international security sector reform in Africa and the Middle East by day as a Department of Defense associate and spends her free time curating a fashionable lifestyle through her blog Hepburn Loves Givenchy.