All Things Fashion DC | Food & Fashion in DC with Styling and Hair & Scalp Specialist Dr. Keith Harley Jr.
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Food & Fashion in DC with Styling and Hair & Scalp Specialist Dr. Keith Harley Jr.

Dr. Harley promotional photo for beauty product line

21 Sep Food & Fashion in DC with Styling and Hair & Scalp Specialist Dr. Keith Harley Jr.

by ATFDC Contributor Rodney Branche

Comfortable at 10,000 feet in the air or cruising at 500 miles an hour in a private jet, we find the dapper Dr. Keith Harley Jr. , on his way to treat a special client who is need of his masterful skills.

Dr. Harley at the Clinic

One who knows and wears great fashion is only maintaining one part of the experience of the exquisitely dressed. Make-up and proper styling of hair is the essential other half of the well balanced equation of looking fabulous.

At 2436 26th Road in Arlington VA,  The Keith Harley Hair and Scalp Clinic is the best in the treatment of hair and scalp disorders, as well as conducting excellent services in styling of hair and make-up. His well trained staff have been taught personally by “The Doctor” to provide the ultimate in customer satisfaction and execution of perfection. Salon services include the latest in styling, color, weaving, and hair restoration. The staff is also well prepared to treat all types of cosmetic hair concerns such as hair growth, appearance,  and conditions of the scalp. To help remedy and maintain a complete appearance the clinic offers various products for the task such as scalp stimulators,  vitamins, scents and candles. Even motivational CD’s to keep you in step and looking your absolute best!

Staffers at The Keith Harley Hair and Scalp Clinic

Dr. Keith’s “superstar” clientele  range from the West Coast, to New York and back here in the White House. His magical skills in cosmetics, make-up and styling are in great demand all over. The famous clinics motto is “If your image is not becoming to you, then you should be coming here to us”!

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Keith began his career at the famous Duke Ellington School of the Arts, located in northwest DC, in the well known Georgetown area. After graduation he went on to attending  Scanners International Beauty School. Afterwards continuing on to complete his studies and was awarded a Doctorate in his field of study. The rest is history!

Running a successful clinic and salon requires maximum energy and Keith maintains it well with nutritious snacks, fresh fruits, juices and grains to project a positive image for his clients as well as a great example for his hard working dedicated staff.

At lunch with Dr. Harley


The day begins early for Keith with a firm workout at the gym, followed by a few swings with his golf club at the driving range.  After completing a challenging day coordinating his staff and treating top notch clients it’s time to wind down and hit the town with a passion for fine food and entertainment.

Dr. Harley’s ready to hit the town


The Mandarin Hotel, 1330 Maryland Ave. S.W. Washington, DC

The Empress Lounge,  with it’s wall sized windows revealing a breathtaking view of the Asian styled well manicured gardens. This immediately surrounds you with the unmistakable feeling of relaxing in a luxurious Hotel somewhere in Hong Kong. Here you will find lavish specialty beverages of all types. Offerings such as Sake, International Teas and Cognacs. Not to mention those great Martinis you know and love. Now don’t forget about that wonderful Jazz from DC’s  greatest vocalists and bands while you enjoy selections from the delicious light menu!

Cocktails & Appetizers at Mandarin Hotel, Empress Lounge



Matchbox(Capital Hill)  521  8th St. S.E.

What a great Bistro environment. A nice homey space for that nice relaxed feeling in a quaint urban setting. This location was a former vending machine warehouse that’s 90 years old.  Matchbox also boasts their brick wood fire oven which reaches temperatures to 800 degrees to attain a crisp and smokey crust for the perfect pizza which they crank out nightly with culinary style and delicious toppings. Pizza with “pizzaz”!


Dr. Keith prefers to start with the “Pear Salad with Walnuts”, followed by the “Grilled Chicken” with a light dressing that produces what he describes as “a great kick”.  Combine that with the “The Cream Crab Soup” and a nice glass of wine. The “Good Doctor” believes that one should enjoy a light and tasty meal without a full feeling.

Merlot & Lemon Grass Soup


Bon Apettite!




Rodney is C.E.O. and Executive Chef at Copa Catering here in the DC Metro area. Also he functions as Editor-in-Chief of Copa Fine Food, Wine & Fashion Magazine, submitting related articles from around the world. As a former Fashion Photographer in D.C. and New York in the late 70′s, Rodney has developed a keen eye on the Fashion Industry ever since. After traveling the world in the U.S. Navy he had the great opportunity to see and taste the various culinary styles of all imaginations, which lead him to becoming a Chef and later founding Copa Catering. @Thunderdog58