All Things Fashion DC | Fashion Talk: Hair Stylist Extraordinaire Luigi Parasmo
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Fashion Talk: Hair Stylist Extraordinaire Luigi Parasmo

Luigi Parasmo / Photo credit: Dave Phillipich

25 Sep Fashion Talk: Hair Stylist Extraordinaire Luigi Parasmo

by ATFDC Contributor Barbara Collins

If you are in need of a delicious hair cut or want a stylish new hairstyle, then Lugi Parasmo Salon should be your next destination! With over 30 years under his belt, Lugi Parasmo and partner, Javier Calvo opened up his namesake hair salon in Georgetown back in April and women in DC have never been happier! The beauty guru who was born in Rome, Italy has worked as a hair stylist for brands like Valentino, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, and Versace during Milan Fashion Week, and Tory Burch and Thyphoon at New York Fashion Week! Parasmo has also worked at Watergate Salon, Erwin Gomez, and Toka for twenty years, giving women sophisticated style and the best hair experience in the National’s Capital!

Luigi Parasmo / Photo credit: Dave Phillipich

Ladies be prepared to be catered to! Lugi Parasmo’s staff is highly trained and dedicated to providing you with excellent customer service and bringing you the best in beauty! From the time you walk in to the time you walk out, the staff including Hair, Nail, and Make-Up Artists are experts that will provide you with one-on-one attention and consultations for a more personalized service. Parasmo says,”Whatever your beauty needs are, we invite you to stop in and experience your very own signature style today.”

Read on below to learn more about the salon owner in our All Things Fashion DC exclusive interview!

All Things Fashion DC (ATFDC): How did you two beauty gurus meet?

Luigi Parasmo (LP): We met at Watergate Salon twenty years ago on my first workingday there

ATFDC: What made you two come together to open a salon?

LP: Having a salon was always my BIGGEST dream and because Javier has been my partner for 20 years I wanted him to be part of it as we shared it all all the way.

Luigi Parasmo & Javier Calvo / photo credit Washington Life Magazine

ATFDC:Why do you think you decided to become a hair stylist?

LP: I found out that I had the passion for hair at a very young age as I’d always touch people’s hair all the time and was fascinated by it.

ATFDC: How did you get your start in the industry?

LP:I started working when I was 14 years old, clearly different times from what you’d do today at that age. I was the luckiest 14 year old boy in the world to get a job as an apprentice for the best hairstylist in Rome, Italy. He molded me and taught me everything I needed to know and made me who I am today, having given me the strongest foundation. I’ll be forever grateful.

ATFDC: Mr. Parasmo, you have worked backstage at Tory Burch, Valentino, and Versace. Can you tell us about your experience?

LP: Absolutely intense work and fascinating times!! Working with such demanding Designers was a great experience and very creative. It wasn’t easy though as runway work is very fast paced and can be stressful. However, I got to meet fantastic people and learned so much from them. Working on beautiful models is motivating and unleashes that creativity that can’t be applied to our everyday work. Milan Fashion Week was always my favorite one as the energy there was always skyrocketing. NY Fashion Week was my last experience and loved every minute of it. It all was another side of beauty.

ATFDC: Who are some your favorite clients you have worked with?

LP: I tend to be a little more old school than most stylists out there therefore I’ll tell you that ALL of my clients are my favorite. I’ve been doing the majority of them for at least 15 years and some of them for 20 years. Hair is my passion and working everyday on my guests gives me satisfaction and motivation to do more and better.

ATFDC: What hair products do you use the most?

LP: I only use Kerastase, Oribe and Moroccan Oil as I believe they’re the best in the industry. Wella Professional is my choice in hair color as it’s one of the very few companies out there with truly “ammonia free” colors.

ATFDC: Can you give our ATFDC readers some styling tips?

LP: Absolutely!

1. Try not to wash your hair everyday.

2. Moisturize your hair frequently by doing a hair mask every 3 weeks to prevent dry hair and split ends.

3. Most people don’t pay attention to the way they use their blow-dryer…getting it too close to their brush will melt your hair and cause severe breakages…Blondes should pay extra attention as their hair is more sensitized by their color.

4. Must always protect your hair before using hot tools and don’t flat iron/curl iron your hair more than once a week.

ATFDC: What are your favorite hair looks?

LP: I tend to like anything that enhances women’s femininity so I’d say loose and sexy waves and curls but also straight and bouncy for long hair and messy and tousled for short..I like when hair moves naturally never too stiff or too “coiffed” looking.

ATFDC: What inspires you?

LP: Women’s world, their colors, their beauty which I believe is not what we see on the cover of a fashion magazine but more as in an individual, their smell.

Luigi Salon / Photo credit: Dave Phillipich

ATFDC: Do you think how people wear their hair relates to personal style?

LP: Yes, I do. I believe in individuality and that ultimately fashion is what looks great on you. A ” perfect ” hair style is what goes according to your face structure, hair texture and lifestyle as well. It should be somehow easy to duplicate at home and should absolutely make you feel confident and sexy never frumpy, too conservative or too old fashioned….it should talk about you.

ATFDC:What can a client except at their first visit to the salon?

LP: Our extremely professional, clean, warm and welcoming environment, cappuccino/espresso coffee/tea beverage bar, iPads color processing area and fabulous hair!!We are an international multicultural salon and work with anyone and any texture.

ATFDC:What sets your salon apart from other salons?

LP: Our 100% total commitment to costumer service, high professionalism, availability to take late appointments (We close at 8:00 PM Wednesday, Thursday and Friday ), and no pretentiousness or attitude and drama. We always like to say ” thank you ” to our guests because we know they have choices and we feel honored that we were their choice.

I’ve been doing hair for 30 years and when we started our salon I wanted to be very selective when it came to my staff, the amenities and the environment as I always heard throughout the years what most clients rightfully complained in salons about so we worked first on those issues to make sure we wouldn’t have them.

Luigi Parasmo Salon Team / photo credit Biz Journal

ATFDC: Do you hope to open other salons in the future?

LP: As of right now, I don’t think so as I never liked cookie cutter or corporate/chain salons but more individual and focused location.

ATFDC: How can our readers stay connected and get updates about the salon?

LP: We are on , on Twitter @luigiparasmo, and on the web


*NOTE: Today, from 5-7 p.m, Luigi Parasmo Salon and Oribe invite you to a cocktail soiree showcasing the brand’s latest luxury hair products. Enjoy complimentary cocktailspassed hors d’oeuvres and 15% off all Oribe products purchased at the event.

Luigi Parasmo Salon
1510 Wisconsin Ave N.W.
This event is open to the public
Barbara is a sophomore at Old Dominion University, majoring in International Studies with a minor in Fashion Merchandising. She also writes for CocoKouture Magazine and would love to pursue a career in the fashion industry as a writer for a top fashion magazine.