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All Things Fashion DC | April 19, 2014

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Event Recap: Arquiste Parfumeur at Mexican Embassy with Carlos Huber & Rodrigo Flores-Roux

Event Recap: Arquiste Parfumeur at Mexican Embassy with Carlos Huber & Rodrigo Flores-Roux

by ATFDC Contributor Susan Stipanovich

Wednesday evening found the Mexican Cultural Institute on 16th St full of perfume lovers and supporters of the Arquiste Parfumeur line.  Patrons sat in every available chair and lined the ornately decorated walls to hear Carlos Huber and Rodrigo Flores-Roux discuss restoring Mexico’s role in perfumery.  Both Mexico City natives, Huber and Flores-Roux kept guests entertained throughout their hour-long presentation, taking the audience through the research, history, and scents for each of their six perfumes (as well as a seventh which is to be released soon).

 The presentation opened with a poem by Mexican poet Carlos Pellicer, which translated into English said: “Mexicans of today still have two great obsessions: a taste for death and a passion for flowers.”  The two speakers then took the audience on a journey which started in Mexico with the plants so often used when creating scents: tuberose, citrus orange, gardenia, and then to Italy, France, Spain, and Russia with each scent given out on blotters to the audience to experience for themselves.  Huber and Flores-Roux never forgot to tie in the scent with their Mexican roots, pointing out which plants are currently grown in Mexico or how Mexicans relate to some scents very strongly.  Guests compared scents while their presenters entertained them with anecdotes about perfumery, their research, and even their personal experiences.

Arquiste Parfumeur_Photos by Naiffer Romero

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Arguably the best part of the evening was the Q&A session that followed the perfumer’s presentation, when the audience didn’t hold back and presenters followed suit.  Upon an inquiry about where one might wear their perfume, and how much was appropriate, Flores-Roux smiled a giant Cheshire cat smile and declared, “I’m in the perfume marketing industry, and I can tell you more is more” to the delight of the audience.  One of the parting words of the panel were these: Perfume is highly personal.  It’s not about other people’s perceptions, likes/dislikes; the only thing that matters is how the scent connects to your heart and evokes your memories.

With that, the presentation concluded and guests congregated in the ornately decorated hall at the Mexican Cultural Institute to compare favorite scents, share stories, and discuss the art of perfumery with Huber and Flores-Roux.  The crowd was lively and after a few glasses of wine the hall rang with laughter and enthusiasm.  Many were excited about Mexico having a bigger imprint on the perfume industry and applauded the efforts of Huber and Flores-Roux to make this dream a reality.  The Arquiste Parfumeur line can be bought in its entirety at the District’s own Relish boutique in Georgetown, found at 3312 Cady’s Alley NW.

All photos by Naiffer Romero for All Things Fashion DC


  1. Patricio Henry

    My sincere congratulations to both. I do not know Carlos but the fact that Rodrigo made a presentation with him I am sure that Carlos is also good in that fascinating world of smell.
    Mexico is proud of their contribution to the cause.

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