All Things Fashion DC | Obama vs. Romney: Michelle and Ann’s Style
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Obama vs. Romney: Michelle and Ann’s Style


26 Oct Obama vs. Romney: Michelle and Ann’s Style

By ATFDC Contributor Emily Cirillo

As the race for the White House is in its final weeks and with all the debates over Americans watch and wait for Election Day. Every angle of the candidate is looked at and scrutinized, and for us Fashiontonians our favorite stories are about Michelle Obama, Ann Romney, and comparing their style.

No words can accurately describe our current FLOTUS’s fashion sense. She brought style, flair and affordable prices back to the White House. Her fashion sense is often compared to the likes of Jackie Kennedy. Her looks at both conventions, on the road, Inauguration, and just looks around the White House have impressed Americans and critics alike. She is considered by many to be the most fashionable First Lady in very long time.

Mrs. Obama Inaugural Gown

Ann Romney, on the other hand, does not seem to have quite the eye for style that Mrs. Obama does. For months on the campaign trail, she did not impress many with her looks. She wore nice clothes, but had no style. It was hard to really define and write about Mrs. Romney’s looks because there was nothing really there. But there has been a shift. Since the Presidential Debates, Ann Romney has really stepped up her style game.

As the race for the White House is winding own, the FLOTUS hopeful is shinning on the campaign trail. Politics aside, and I know it’s hard for us Fashiontonians, we can all admit that she’s been looking better. Has Mrs. Romney improved her looks because her husband has a better shot at the White House? Is she trying to take Michelle Obama’s style thunder?

Let’s recap. Before the Debates, Mrs. Romney had a very turbulent fashion history. She wore some beautiful pieces at the Republican National Convention, including her memorable Oscar de la Renta dress. But she has also experienced many fashion faux pas. Does anyone else remember that all black outfit, with feathers, she wore on the “Tonight Show”? It was something that keeps Fashiontonians up at night and wonder why that would happen.

Disastrous “Tonight Show” Outfit

But then came the first debate and Mrs. Romney shined in her Alfred Fiandaca cream-colored ensemble. For a time on the Huffington Post Style poll, many believed that she was the best dressed of the night. That would be the first time that Ann Romney would ever dress better than the FLOTUS, who re-wore a royal blue skirt suit from Preen’s fall 2011 collection. Now the poll is almost at a dead even.

The second debate was when style comparisons between Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Romney became one of the top stories. Both wore very similar fuchsia “Schiaparelli pink” dresses, maybe to honor October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Some in the press even said they were matching. Mrs. Obama’s Michael Kors dress had a lot of similarities to Mrs. Romney’s Oscar da la Renta.

Eerily similar dresses from Second Debate

Seeing both women at this debate made me really think about Mrs. Romney’s style in general? Her husband is trying to replace President Obama, so is Ann trying to replace Michelle’s sense of style? If she is, she has a long way to go. As I said before, and if she becomes our next FLOTUS, all First Ladies make the cover of Vogue but not all really deserve it. She may be stepping up her game in the last month of the election, but she would get the cover out of tradition and nothing more. And as for replacing Michelle, she’ll never be on her caliber.


Emily Cirillo is a studies Political Communication and History at George Washington University.  Besides writing for ATFDC, she writes for her college newspaper and is a sister of Epsilon Sigma Alpha. She hopes to pursue a career in journalism.