All Things Fashion DC | The ‘Go To’ List Special: Prepping for Sandy
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The ‘Go To’ List Special: Prepping for Sandy


29 Oct The ‘Go To’ List Special: Prepping for Sandy


Hey D.C.! With Hurricane Sandy making her way towards our neck of the woods we have compiled a list of things to keep in mind before her arrival. We all know how scary the wrath of a woman can be, so we want everyone to be ready for Sandy!


1.) Stock up on bottled water, medicines, canned food, cash, pet food and more.  We recommend having three days worth of all these supplies, in case  of power outages.

2.) Fill up your gas tank! Gas stations may experience supply shortage if power is lost.

3.)  Grab a cooler! If you have perishable items pack your cooler with ice and place these items (meats, dairy products, etc) in the cooler to preserve if you lose electricity. Or group food together in the freezer to help it stay cold longer.

4.) Charge up your cell phones and lab top! If you should lose power make sure your phone and lab top are fully charged. Stay up to date with the weather and get ready for a couple days of Netflix and Hulu while we live life without cable! : (

5.) If you have your car parked outside make sure all of your windows are rolled up and you have your emergency brake on.

6.) Grab some wine, snacks and good company and get ready for the wrath of Sandy! Hopefully this will be a short visit!


Important Links!

Click here for up to date coverage on Hurricane Sandy.

If you are a Pepco customer, click here to report a power outage.

For Metro riders, as of now metro has suspended service. Customers are encouraged to sign up for Metro Alerts to get up to date information via text. We also encourage you to visit the Metro website for more up to date information.